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  1. 241: It is the intentions of everyone to be selling tickets at all AACA events and non AACA events to be honest. Since each board member from the Library & Research Center, Museum and National were all sent tickets to sell I would say you want have any trouble finding a board member to buy one (or more) from. Plus most National Meets will also have a booth set up selling the tickets. But since I am a board member of the Library and Research center why don't you save the trouble of having to wait and buy one from me now, . Seems like most of the other board members are pushing on the forum
  2. Ok guys let me see if I can explain a few things that you mentioned and hopefully you will see what we had in mind, but either worked, didn't work, or just got overlooked. I appreciate all your comments as it will make future meets we may do better. Some of these responses may be out of order as first talked about, but here goes. The porta johns at the trailer parking was just my fault. I just didn't think that there would be a need for one, which now I do know is needed. I just figured that you are either in a motorhome or unhooking and moving on. Simply it was a bad call on my part. Next th
  3. Restorer32: Believe me when I say that trailer parking & showfield sites and distance between them was our main concern from day one in planning this meet. We worked for three years trying to find and add additional parking for the trailers near the showfield, but when working in a closed in city, it makes it tough. We had more than enough hard surface and gravel lot parking up until two days before the show. Then we get a call and find out that we would lose most of one lot and about a third of another lot. So we were even making phone calls as late as friday evening trying to make deals
  4. John: Was the letter for Master Editor or Master Webmaster? Congratulations either way! Rocky
  5. Steve: I to want to thank you for letting us know about this. It was just a couple weeks ago I saw Glen & Sandy both in Birmingham and Glen seemed to be getting around as good as he has in some time. Glen was an inspiration to all of us in that he never seemed to let his health problems get him down. He was always upbeat and in a joking mood everytime I talked with him no matter what he had been through with all his hospital stays. I would like to send my thoughts and prayers out to Sandy and the entire Neidigh family in their loss. Rocky
  6. Dick: Thanks for the kind words you posted for me. As I said in an earlier post I was just honored to get another master webmaster award and then to learn that I was getting the Spark Plug award was a little shocking. Each year more regions are adding websites which means more talent being added to the pool of already great webmasters out there. Add in the fact that all of them get a little better each year and you have the same thing as with the newsletter editors; tough standards to live up to. So again I feel honored to be receiving these awards this year. Also send my congradulations to El
  7. Jan: First congratulations on your Master Webmaster Award, it was well deserved as were all the rest of the award winners. As far as the Spark Plug Award it was a total shock to me once I figured out that I had won it. I should have known something when I got the letter from Mr. Zimmerman noting that I had won a National Award for the website and not referring to the Webmaster Award as I assumed it was. Then no one else received a letter which really got things confusing for everyone that had been looking for the letter in the mail. Of course yesterday when I received the letter from Janet it
  8. Ron, Glad to see you back on here! I knew the publications committee did the newsletters, but I just thought they may have combined the two committees because my letter does say publications committee. Of course I don't do the newsletter so I know it has nothing to do with that. With as many letters as Dave has to send out it can become confusing when it comes time to write them as to which committe picked the award. Rocky
  9. I couldn't believe that I am the only one to recieve "The Letter" yet with all the great Editors and Webmasters posting on here. I went back just to make sure I read what I read. The letter is from Dave Zimmerman and says that during the year the Publications committee reviews all the web sites and that my site (Roanoke Valley Region)would be receiving a national award. No it didn't say master webmaster outright, but I just assumed that is what it was because it is the only thing presented at the awards banquet for websites other than the Spark Plug Award and to my knowledge they don't give ou
  10. Just got back from the mail box and the postman was nice enough to leave me "The Letter" letting me know that I will be getting a Master Webmaster award for the second year in a row. Hope the postman gets by your house today to! Rocky
  11. Does anyone have the host hotel information for the central meet in Dublin, Ohio next year? Any information would be appreciated. Rocky
  12. It's not much that I can say about Dave that hasn't already been mentioned in the other posts, but I would like to say that since the first time I met Dave (Judges Apprentice Program)he has always been like a close friend to me. Dave was the kind of person that once you met him he was your friend for life. No matter what he was doing he would always take time out to talk with you and listen to what you may have had to say. Saying this gentlemen will be missed by his family and friends is a true understatement. Rocky Sink
  13. Mike: Click on "judging" on the left side of the website's homepage and you will find the entire judging manual there for you to read. I'm not sure that it is the current manual due to the new one only being out for a few weeks now. You should find the answers to most of your questions there. As far as how many points will be taken off for wrong parts or bad paint, it just depends on the part and how bad the paint is. I would highly suggest that you attend a judges school and take the apprentice course at a national meet near you. At the school and apprentice class you will learn the ins and o
  14. Bill Smith said in the publications seminar in Phily that they were late coming out due to a problem with the stapler they use to put the magazines together. They had some at the meeting they were handing out and the rest should be in the mail soon if not already. Rock
  15. Bill: Host hotel is Embassy Suite - 1-864-676-9090. Rock
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