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  1. Valid test when system fails, hard pedal ! Many have and numerous wrecks were results.
  2. In the 90's I found a deserted road, took car to 50 mph, engaged anti-lock, held on, then measured distance from start point to complete stop. I ran the same course after disconnecting the Teves Pump and using brake pedal to relieve all pressure. Difference was astounding! Think I could have stopped sooner dragging a foot! Don't remember the exact figures but w/o pressure was 3x + longer! Beware!
  3. Wonder how many like me lurk in the background? I read the Forum each day but have little to say as I no longer own a reatta. Could tell everyone about my dog, if I had one !
  4. wally888


    Nice thread ! I think the pictures of the red leather don't do the "Red" justice. My 90 had red which was more burgandy and the 91 had really red red. Think all red 91's were much redder than pics. show?
  5. I had a new SRT-6. Interested in out come e-mail me !
  6. Yes and I've read them all! Plus several private messages. He helped me save a lot of money plus keep my previous 6 Reattas running. Thanks, Padge!
  7. Are all 91 's the same. need a nice one?
  8. If you give the system "The Brake Tests" you will know if the Accumulator is bad ! I'd do so before replacing.
  9. It worked! My negative post instigated a lot of support for your asking price, kept the thread alive.....................and it got sold.
  10. $8500 ! Maybe for a 91 but.................think you need to ask others what it may bring!
  11. Padge, did they get you drunk! You'll be great when you sober up!
  12. Dau. ruined a rim and fender of her 1991 coupe.
  13. Will all years fit a 1991?
  14. Ditto! You must describe here what is the problem (s)! Give car the "Brake Tests"
  15. Way back when I first joined the group I had a couple disagreements/run-ins/etc......started to say "shove it" but remembered the old saying, "If you try to make everyone happy, someone will be unhappy about it"! Decided to ignore the flack and everything has been great for many years. Remember today is the first day of the rest of your life, sign back in!
  16. When a car is wrecked then repaired it loses value. How is this loss determined?
  17. My first Reatta, an 89, had something similar. Also had wire (s) hanging down in cockpit for a phone. Think the box is still in my garage someplace.
  18. My month is almost up here in Naples, FL. Will be 80* Wed. otherwise a little chilly at 75-79*.
  19. Bought an identical one in 1999, 53 k miles. My daughter still drives, 150 k miles.
  20. Unique! Think is red=a grainy picture?
  21. I assume car is in WA. I would own it if it were nearby! Anyone want to drive it to GA?
  22. A friend has asked me to place a few Corvette parts for sale on Ebay. I have sold many items on Ebay and a lot of Buick Reatta parts at that forum here. What Corvette Forum is best to sell items?
  23. I have a spare Kit GM # 1915-1299 (19151299). Will place on Ebay unless someone here makes a good offer? Would rather sell to a member.