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  1. Antique license plates ,Woodgraining Tools and Woodgrain Restorations Online store here I will be adding many more plates over the next few weeks. Thanks Jdee
  2. We did a 1929 Franklin but there is not much info in the folder. I'll ask Evan if he has more info somewhere. Thanks Jdee.
  3. I'll tell you what. type in code= RansomEli That is case sensitive and get 15% off all tools this month. Someone here forgot to renew our spaces, he called 5 or 6 weeks ago but they were taken our mistake. Thanks, Jdee
  4. Grain It Technologies Inc. will not be at Hershey this year. We set up some promotion codes for October in our online store. I posted them in the Commercial Advertisements forum. Hope everyone has a great show. Thanks, Jdee
  5. Some photos of one we did a long while ago. 1951 Pontiac photos
  6. Yes, number 1-- Roller app by the factory. Di noc before stamping. So get your dash re-stamped LOL Just keep reading that PDF .My 39 Buick had the same wood grain as the MCHinson Car dash LOL Not the mahogany burl we are used to seeing. Earl Beauchamp was here checked out my 39 and said it was a Canadian car Well it has the wrong woodgrain LOL
  7. I have not been on in a while since this post. I think my last post was 3d Printing LOL maybe not. Time goes so fast. I hope the fellow got his parts made.
  8. That would make sense. The sun does some crazy stuff. People have asked us to do the gold woodgrain on their 37 PLYs And it was silver. If someone has a car for years and smoked or where they parked at work the sun can really change things. It can be frustrating. why and what happened to the old finishes who knows we just work with as many people as we can to figure it out.
  9. That's a cool photo. Do you think someone added the door from another car for the clock or did they all have a clock? We have seen a set of window moldings with one Frame being darker than the rest. We think it was just a shift change at the factory. Some people put more pressure on the roller and can get much darker prints.
  10. Yes, it's true straight grain has so many names they change the basecoat or ink color and come up with a new exotic name. That really does throw folks off. We like getting photos of original work. I have had people send their glove box door for a sample of what they want us to match. This is just a quick print But we have quite a few straight grains some very fine others denser. We don't know every woodgrain pattern for every car but we can usually find it and make a plate.
  11. It's a Heavy Stippled Mahogany. hard to tell from a photo but Probable a MH2 basecoat. The reds go first. Jdee
  12. Sorry if I came off as saying Every and All 38 Buicks had those patterns. It was just a quick post to let people know they can get their car back to an original pattern and finish. I was working on a 38 when I read this post and posted too fast I guess. Cars could come through with almost any pattern. We have seen some odd stuff in the past 20 Years of Woodgraining. Some cars changed in the middle of year so you need the build date if the car has no traces of woodgrain left. I believe Evan said there are a few exceptions in the custom made plate section of the plate patterns video when referring to the Chevron Plate for the 37. Just letting people know you don't need to buy every plate or pattern if you are getting into woodgraining. When we do a restoration or make plates for our customers we work with our customers to find the right pattern for their cars. With the help of the owners of the cars, forums like this and finding traces of original woodgraining on the parts we can get the finish done or make a plate so you can get it done. We have been collection interior parts since we started 20 years ago so we can replicate factory patterns and handled many thousands of parts to examine for patterns in our restoration projects. If your car does not have a Butt walnut finish than what does it have? That would help more than saying you are wrong about the patterns used. I know how bad things get picked apart and dissected online. It's just the internet Jdee Woodgraining The Lost Art Is free to watch online. There is a Finding Patterns Video.
  13. If you need to know what woodgrain your car gets you can e-mail anytime. Jdee@rwebsite.com And I'll try and find it. Jdee The 1938 Buick had a Butt Walnut Dash and PrimaVera Window Moldings. Just working on one today. Tried to put some water on an original Glove box door but it did not work so good lol But old original parts are where you find your patterns. We do have a patterns video here woodgrain patterns
  14. I have a few photos here. Dash Photos
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