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  1. 69 430 engine available, from 69 Riviera. I know that this engine has less than 20,000 miles on it since it was rebuilt, but I cannot prove that. I know for a fact that the engine was rebuilt and that the cost of the whole eng. rebuild job (including removal and replacement of the engine) cost $3000. I did see the receipt for that amount when I bought the 69 Riviera. I did not get that, unfortunately. I took the 430 out of the Riv, put it into my 68 Skylark conv. and drove that car some, on good days, for only 1 summer, locally. The car would fly with that engine in it. It has always been kept under cover since I took it back out of the Sklark. I cannot start it for you, it is out of the car. It is nearly complete, carb to oil pan, ex. manifolds, flexplate, front cover, pulleys, pumps, all on it. No alt. or alt./ac bracket, no alternator. $1200. Possible 60's Buick parts trades with some cash considered. email me for pics of the engine. Joe notenoughclassicbuicks@gmail.com
  2. 67 Special wagon project car available, mint green exterior, black interior. Very good original interior, perfect black dashpad, orig. seats and door panels above average, grey headliner and visors. There is currently not an engine or transmission in the car, but I do have them and they are included. They will both need to be rebuilt. The car has a power back window. That is about the only option. It does have some rust out in the typical areas, as well as the frame. I have another frame (solid) for the car and it is included. It could cost quite a bit to restore or restify this car, requiring you to be financially able to handle that. I hate to part out the car, but I will consider that as a last resort if no one wants to buy it for a project, and if I totally give up on the possibility of restoring it myself. $750. email me for pics. Joe notenoughclassicbuicks@gmail.com
  3. 1 land yacht 73 Centurion 455 4 door ht for sale. It runs and drives excellent considering the year and mileage. It has 130,000 on it. It has power windows (all 4 work up and down), 6 way power seat (all functions work), tilt steering column (nice tight mechanism). It had factory A/C, but that system is no longer complete or functional. It also has the MaxTrac option. I do not know if that is functional or not. I have never tried it. I added 1 option to the car, a 73-76 Buick thermometer driver side outside rearview mirror. It has a tri-shield emblem on the thermometer. The car is brown, with an off white interior. It had a vinyl roof but it has been peeled off. It is in good used / useable condition. It is great for a daily driver. It has a recently replaced exhaust system, recently replaced brake lines, recently replaced fuel lines, and recent brake work. It has 2 excellent snow tires on the back and 2 good all seasons on the front. It is currently registered and can be test driven before a potential purchase. It is absolutely not a "parts car". It is too good for that. I can email pictures of the car to anyone that asks for them. $1500. Thanks. Joe notenoughclassicbuicks@gmail.com
  4. Cast iron original water crossover piece, which also holds the thermostat, for the front of early to mid 60's Buick 401 or 425 engine in Electra, Riviera, Wildcat, 65-66 Skylark GS. $25 + shipping. Joe notenoughclassicbuicks@gmail.com
  5. New old stock (NOS) back up light lens for 1963 or 1964 Buick Riviera. It is in the original GM Delco-Guide box, part # 5953827, and has never been installed on a car. It fits either side. I only have one. $65 + shipping. Joe notenoughclassicbuicks@gmail.com
  6. Pair of original steel valve covers, factory painted gold, for late 60's to early 70s Oldsmobile 400, 455. The covers have holes in all of the tabs where they are retained to the cyl. heads, not just some holes as some 350 engines valve covers had. They are in good used condition. $30/pr + shipping. Joe notenoughclassicbuicks@gmail.com
  7. Good used dash pad for a factory air conditioning equipped 1968 or 1969 Buick Special, Skylark, GS350, GS400, or Sportwagon. It is original black, not been painted or dyed. $75 + shipping. Joe notenoughclassicbuicks@gmail.com
  8. Left / right pair of very good headlight bezels for 1968 Buick Special, Skylark, GS350, GS400, and Sportwagon. They are from a low mile (18,000) 68 Skylark. They have the original paint, and still shiny presentable original chrome. $80/pr. Joe notenoughclassicbuicks@gmail.com
  9. Buick big block only top adjusting bracket for the alternator. Fits 67-76 Buick 400, 430, and 455 engines. Will not fit any small block Buick engine. It is a good used steel original, not a reproduction. $20 + shipping. I have a few of them available. Joe notenoughclassicbuicks@gmail.com
  10. Tilt steering column for 71-73 full size Buick Electra 225, Estate Wagon, Centurion, LeSabre, and I even think it will also fit 71-73 Riviera (with column shift, not floor shift). It is blue, and has a tight tilt mechanism. No steering wheel included, but it does have the 3 levers. It is not a cruise control switch equipped column. $100 + shipping. Joe notenoughclassicbuicks@gmail.com
  11. Floor shift long console for 1964 Buick Wildcat with ST400 auto. transmission. It does not have the tachometer, it has the Wildcat head medallion where an optional tach would go. I do have the main shifter assembly, but it does not have the chrome knob or any linkage. There is pitting on the console chrome on top. The console is factory black, and has the original black side carpeting which is faded and could stand to be replaced. It would be ok for a daily driver, but is not show quality. Maybe someone with a 64 LeSabre would like to put this in. $75 + shipping. Joe notenoughclassicbuicks@gmail.com
  12. 2 piece grille, a left half and a right half, for 1969 Buick Wildcat. One year, one model only. It is used, and in decent condition. It has all 4 headlight bezels with it. There is some pitting on both halves. There is one vertical grille rung that has a bend in it. $80 + shipping. Joe notenoughclassicbuicks@gmail.com
  13. Original fan shroud from a 1969 Buick Skylark with a Buick 350 engine. Fits 1968 or 1969 Special, Skylark, GS 350, or Sportwagon - with 350. It is in excellent used condition. Repro fan shrouds such as the ones from year one are absolute junk and are nothing like the original in shape or appearance. This one is from a low mile car and is not cracked or warped. $50 + shipping. Joe notenoughclassicbuicks@gmail.com
  14. Point taken. But I have a valid counterpoint to make, with the next paragraph taken directly from the top of the BCA home web page at www.buickclub.org: Welcome to the Buick Club of America website. The BCA is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and restoration of automobiles built by the Buick Motor Division of General Motors Corporation -- Detroit, Michigan, USA. There is a defining word in there, it is "built". It is excluding cars that are not built by Buick. Opel was never built by Buick. The BCA does not recognize Opel, and implcitly excludes Opel with that statement at the top of their webpage. If the BCA home page is stating that, and has no mention of Opel anywhere on their home page, or here at this site either for that matter (which the BCA site redirects someone to), then the obvious impression is that what is meant by that statement is cars manufactured (built) by Buick in Michigan, in the USA, and not any cars that are imported. I am not a member of the BCA. You are a member of an organization that publicly excludes Opel on its website. I am sure you can tell that I am biased, or prejudiced against Opel. I am only for real true Buicks, built by Buick Motor Division here in this country and actually had Buick emblems, and powered by a Buick engine. I am certain that there is less than 1 % of people coming to this particular section of this website that are looking for an Opel or Opel parts, or that have either for sale. The classic Buick community has generally rejected Opel, as I have, and as Buick finally did when they realized their mistake. You typically do not see any Opel at a Buick car show, or parts for them at a Buick swap meet. There really isn't a big interest in Opels here in the USA, and there is not any noteable interest in Opel here at this site. Opel is definitely disenfranchised from Buick, and has been for over 2 decades. Both corporately, and figuratively. That is my counterpoint. I am sure that most classic Buick enthusiasts share my feelings about the Opels that Buick imported. I would like to see replies from some of them. Cheers.
  15. It is very simple, and based entirely in fact. Buick did not make Opels. They were imported from Germany, and merely sold at Buick dealerships. That does not make an Opel become a Buick, just because they were sold at the same dealer. This section is for BUICK only. Any post relating to an Opel or Opel parts belongs in a different section.
  16. No, Opels do not count here. And, NO! that is absolutely NOT a modified Buick !! An Opel is not, nor has it ever been, a Buick !!
  17. Original cast iron intake manifold for 1967 Buick big block 400 or 430 engine. It is in good condition, but could stand to be cleaned up and repainted before being used again. $50 + shipping. It is heavy and shipping will probably be $30-35 or so for Parcel Post. Click on Attachment to see a picture of it. Send me an email. Joe notenoughclassicbuicks@gmail.com
  18. Good used grille, with center tri-shield emblem, for 1967 Buick Electra 225, and LeSabre. $100 + shipping. Click on Attachment to see a picture of it. Send me an email. Joe notenoughclassicbuicks@gmail.com
  19. One driver side (LH) fender skirt with moldings for a 1970 Oldsmobile 98. It is likely that it also fits 1969 Olds 98, but the 69 may use slightly different moldings, not 100 % sure about that. It is in very good condition, and has factory undercoating on the back. It is not rusty. There are a few small pits on the chrome. $60 + shipping. Click on Attachment to see a picture of it. Send me an email. Joe notenoughclassicbuicks@gmail.com
  20. Column shift tilt steering column for 1968 Buick Special, Skylark, GS, and Sportwagon. It has a tight tilt mechanism. Steering wheel not included. $200 + shipping. Send me an email. Joe notenoughclassicbuicks@gmail.com
  21. The Electra fender skirts are still available. I believe they are the same for 1969 and 1970 Electra 225, and Limited, 2 door and 4 door models.
  22. This good used 66 Skylark/GS tail lens lens is still available.
  23. One New Old Stock hood letter " I " for 1960 Buick Electra, Invicta, LeSabre. It has never been installed on a car. It has mint original chrome and is suitable for a show car. $25 + shipping. Send me an email. Joe notenoughclassicbuicks@gmail.com
  24. I parted out a 65 Delta 88 awhile back, and still have a decent used grille, with headlight buckets, available. The headlight bulbs are not included, and will be removed from the buckets before shipping. $125 + shipping. Send me an email. Joe notenoughclassicbuicks@gmail.com
  25. Currently parting out a 1972 Cadillac Coupe DeVille 2 door. The 472 engine is available (local pick up only), $300. Good working power window motors, $25 each. One tail light lens, $25. Other misc. parts available. Send me an email. Joe notenoughclassicbuicks@gmail.com
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