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  1. Have a 1965 Buick Wildcat 4 speed for sale. Car needs complete restoration. Frame is solid and needs work in the lower rear Quarters Has rebuilt 4 speed transmission that is the correct original high nickel T-10 transmission. Have factory flywheel, Clutch, bellhousing, etc. Car is 99 percent complete except some side trim, starter, hoses, fan. Have the original 401 engine which is stuck and out of car. These are rare cars about 800 or 1 percent of production built in 1965 and all were built in Flint Michigan. H code. Car will have to trailered and engine place in bed or some thing. Best offer over $2000 dollars. Live in Washington State and have clear title. Only truly serious please. Thanks, John jes79@juno.com
  2. I have set of Buick Aluminum drums and I am trying to identify them. They have steel weights on the outside face and are in good shape. I have a old parts interchange but they are not listed there. I think they are early ones, but I am not sure. The fifth diget could be 6 also, to read 1196637 but I am pretty sure it says 1196837. Any help will be appreciated Sincerely, John jes79@juno.com
  3. Have a rare factory 4spd 1965 buick wildcat. Car needs a complete restoration. Have all 4sd componets. Orginal 401 engine is stuck and out of car. Car is located in Northwest Washington. Needs to be trailered. Car is 99 percent complete. The car is one of about 800 4 speed cars built about or about 1 percent or less of all wildcats that year. Transmission gone through. Own one of the rare ones. john, email address jes79@juno.com
  4. Hello, I have a 1964 Black Buick Electra interior for a 2 door hardtop. They include rear seat and rear door panels top and bottom. Also have Rh and Lh front door panels for same. Door panels should work on convertibles also. Some need minor repair and could be good usable interior. $180 for all. I can send pictures. You arrange shipping. My phone number here in Washington is 360-734-0721 Or by email: jes79@juno.com
  5. Hello, First I would like to thank anyone for any help with a transmission application. I have a T89 b transmission which I think it is a heavy duty three speed transmission. If you look at the transmission it looks like a T10 and it even has a T10 number on the rear case. I would like to know what this transmission fits. The rear housing also has a date code of 10-12-62. The case number is T89B-1 W.G. and on the side cover says T89B-148 W.G. First I want to know if this transmission was used on any 1964 or 65 Buicks and if so why does the rear housing say 10-12-62. Any help would help me identify this transmission and its orginal application. Thanks so much for any help! john erik
  6. Please contact me about the Wildcat that was for parts here in Washington. I have a 65 Wildcat and need parts. Thanks so much. john erik email: jes79@juno.com
  7. I would like to paint it a color that matches the buckskin interior. I won't paint it a red or a white which will make it look very big even though I do like white on many cars and most likely I would not paint it black for a couple of reasons one it is difficult to maintain and second it is not the safest colors out there and every other car out there today is black. So thanks again for all the help!
  8. I need to know the exterior colors the factory used with the factory 633 buckskin interior on the convertiables. I would like to paint the car a factory color that went with the 633 buckskin interior. Any help from a 68 owner or anyone who know the information I need. Thanks so much. Please contact me through here or through my email address. jes79@juno.com
  9. Need a west coast 1968 buick electra parts car in the west or Northwest area. I think a convertable would work also but not as common though. Car could be running or not. Do you know of a car or parts to one for me? It would be much appreciated. Thanks so much. I live in Washington state but can travel. You can reach me at my email address of: jes79@juno.com or at 360-354-7945
  10. I have a 68 buick electra but do not know where the power top switch is. There appears to be a couple of places on the dash face that had a place to plug in something. Could this be the place where they pug in at? If so I am missing them. I would need to find them for this car. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Any help would be appreciated: need right hand fender skirt for 68 electra, also any beige (light tan?) two door door panels. Any help would be appreciated. If you know about any car that I could use for parts. I live in Washington but can travel near by in close states. Thanks so much.<P>email: jes79@juno.com or 1-360-354-7945
  12. Have a good set of front rotors part number #1196837. One has just one of the little fins broke off at quater inch of Alum. wont effect performance. These are no longer made. There are some 45 fins on a drum. Drum surface is smooth with grease on surface to protect it. These are a one year only. Fit 1966 Wildcat and Electra
  13. I have 1966 Electra and wild cat front drums for sale. Only one as one of the small drums broke off. I mean real small. Surface is very good. This is a one year only part for the 66 cat and Electra. I will sell the pair for 75 dollars plus shipping. You can contact me at: jes79@juno.com
  14. Have a nice 71 electra hupcap on ebay cheap. Check it out.
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