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  1. For Sale 1929 Jordan JE convertible coupe. Rare RH drive, located in NE Washington State. Pictures here http://kneiling.homestead.com/1929JordanJE.html $25,000
  2. 1932 Jordan Playboy, located in NE Washington N of Spokane $17,500 Pictures etc here, http://kneiling.homestead.com/32JordanPlayboy.html
  3. Have a 1932 Jordan Playboy,$17,500 engine rebuilt, sleeved back to STD bore. bearings.010/.010 undersize, correct UU-2 rebuilt by Carb Dr. correct horn etc. Master cyl brass sleeved and brakes rebuilt. Dual side mount tires and correct Durkee Atwood trunk. Modern driveshaft with opt .425 rear gear. Std .445 available.Car is located in Washington State. email cmjplayboy(at)hotmail.com for pictures and more information.
  4. If you are going to reset the computer it usually helps clear the computer settings by taking off the POS cable and grounding it to discharge the capacitors in the computer that maintain the settings. It sounds to me though that you need to check the firing order, as possibly a wire got switched when changing the plugs. We all have probably done that sometime or another I bet.
  5. Don Sommer at American Arrow Corp. was reproducing them as well as the Woodlight parking lights. Don't know if he still is though. The existing Jordan Speedway is number 13, used in Dec 1929 advertising, so at least 13, and maybe a few more. No records exist, so hard to say just how many, and where they were sold at, were advertised in Europe and know Jordan was exporting to Australia during that time also.
  6. The Woodlights were also original equipement on the 1930 Jordan Speedway series
  7. My "Motors" books do not show a 6 cyl Stutz untill 1931. That Stutz 6 uses .017 point gap same as the 8, firing order is 153624 and spark plug gap is shown as .017, but think it is suppose to be .025 as shown for 1932 six cylinder Stutz
  8. Hard to tell from the picture, but it looks to have a plugin on the backside for the wires. Jordan lights had the plug in the hollow mounting bolt for a cleaner look
  9. Yes the Studebaker had the feather crest on the top, used same shell and retaining ring as the Jordan. I am still thinking it is Nash. That 8 is stamped into the ring
  10. Is not Jordan, or Studebaker. Might be a big Nash??? Does it have any identifying marks on it such a Twilight, Guide etc.
  11. That should fit Chev 29-33 6cyl GMC 29 T11,T19 30-31 T11,15,19 32 T15,18,19 Pontiac 29-31 6cyl Studebaker 31 6-54 Hope this helps
  12. Does anyone know what years and model trunk floor pan will fit in 66 Galaxie convertible and where a GOOD floor pan might be found, Thank You Please E-Mail me at cmjplayboy@aol.com if you can help
  13. On the subject of EBAY feedbacks, don't just take it for granted that all positives are a good sign. I look at what items that the feedback resulted from, and there are people out there selling positive feedback. Some vendors have 10 or 15 positives that were bought, or traded. Those I also stay away from
  14. Might want to check and make sure the impeller is on facing the right way. I had a pump rebuilt and it was installed backwards when I got it back. I didn't notice it when I installed pump and it caused overheating. Turned it around and everything was fine
  15. The 77 Eldorado was a good example of the excesses of the early 70's at about 5000 lbs, forget the exact weight, but it was the heaviest. the problem with it (is my opinion only) is that it isn't much more than a dressed up Oldsmobile Toranado. This does help in the parts dept as a lot interchanges. If my memory serves me right there was a fuel injected version that would be more desirable. In 1977 they were still simple enough that a person could still do a lot of the work at home also
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