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  1. Is that a 55 transmission looks like a 56?
  2. On many cars the floor jack will not fit under the car if the tire is flat. I had to use the bumper jack to get it up a little before using the floor jack. If had brought only the floor jack, I would be waiting the usual 1-2 hours for roadside assistance. Check it out at home first.
  3. If the bushing is rubber, press in some nails between the center link and the bushing to make it tighter around the pin. Might get you by long enough to see if the steering problem is resolved. Do not do this if you think there is any possibility it could come completely loose in service.
  4. A 5/8 inch spacer between the 2 singles will work.
  5. Get a test light or ohm meter to test the switch to see if it is doing what the jumper wire is doing.
  6. Then the only choice is Diamondback 225-75R15 ,HERE...I use the the Diamond Back II built on fresh Toyo tires. Do not buy radials from Coker...they are old when you get them and the white turns yellow soon. One more thing: radials are less forgiving if the rims are not absolutely straight. I had a dozen wheels evaluated before I found 4 straight ones. Another friend had new wheels constructed . Also before 1955 there was not a ridge in the bead area to keep the bead in place if a flat happens....less likely to lose control in a blowout.
  7. Sounds like a teacher? My posts violate too if dictated into my smartphone instead of keying in.
  8. Watch the age of tires from that vendor! I bought a set and sent them back...they were 2-3 years old when they arrived. Diamondbacks were 2-3 months old. And whatever tires you pick have them static balanced with the ugly weights on the inside.
  9. According to the BCA judging manual page 34 HERE, the correct size is 760-15 and the 820R-15 would be too big: might rub in turns, maybe not able to get rear tire mounted unless deflated, and the ride would be worse. Different cars, but back in the 1960's the family's 58 Super was going to be traded and had nearly new tires (800-15), my 55 Special had bald tires (760-15), so we swapped. In addition to rubbing in turns the ride was horrible even at 24 psi in the tires. At least they did not last long the way I drove back then.
  10. Nice tire but what is on the car right now? A friend restored the car and it's first outing was in Colorado springs 11 years ago.
  11. Hopefully there is way for you or the dealer the disable some of those "features". Just like a new smart phone or computer.
  12. Nope. that is a sealed system. A little bench work and you may be able to repair yours: HERE
  13. Diamondback tires are a good choice. I use them on one of my cars that sees 5000+ miles a year and last twice as long a bias tires. The previous tire was Coker silvertowns like your car has. There will be very little difference in ride and handling if all steering and suspension components are good. The tires on your car are about 12 years old and are by now hard and maybe flat spotted and out of balance. Your car does not have power steering and radials will increase steering effort. On some cars like my 55 the radials changed steering response: after turning a corner the steering whee
  14. Yes. That is the way most of them are done. Some have upper body color everywhere except for the actual door skin below the door molding...and I have done them both ways.
  15. Pictures? Unique to 57?
  16. You can see some of it in the circle. use a flat blade screwdriver or nut driver with a flexible shaft and access it from the back. The upside down one is the fast idle screw while the choke is engaged.
  17. It is a screw with a long 3/8" hex accessed from the back under the weight hanging and near the carb start switch. I love my WCFB carburetors, but this is a feature that could be improved on.
  18. Thanks for the reply. I learned something: earlier cars had that valve in master cylinder. If you think the valve is bad, you may not find parts unless it is universal, but then you would have to buy a MC kit for something like a 55. Check Summit Racing for a "residual pressure valve" that you may be able to adapt. Actual bleeding technique? vacuum bleeder? Assistant? Will it pump up at all?
  19. Describe or take a picture of this item so I know what you are talking about. Describe your procedure for bleeding brakes.
  20. Disconnect the vacuum advance set with the engine idling as low as possible (300rpm). Mine likes 7 degrees with the available fuel. Valves are not adjustable. Disconnect the coil and crank with the throttle wide open. Follow directions on YOUR gauge pertaining to hook up. Record findings.
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