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  1. The meet needs to have judging. I agree that the centennial was a special situation and judging would have been impossible. The first BCA national meet that I attended was the 1988(?) in Flint. I remember the extreme heat, the great engine and vehicle assembly plant tours, the swap meet with only Buick parts. But the cars were a disappointment: most were local and just 'pretty good drivers'. I was expecting the cars to be at least as good as those at some local/regional brand X shows. No one with a fresh restoration is going to trailer a car 1500 miles to display it; and a year later that
  2. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Bill, that is the plan, there has never, ever been a judged meet in Flint. </div></div> That's a bummer. Some sneer at judging in general, but to some it is important to get some recognition for the hard work getting a car up to standards. Willie
  3. Jon The jackstands are adequate as long as you can get the car at least 18' higher than the low point of the transmission jack....I had mine 25" high. The floor jack is OK for jacking the car (do it in stages), but don't use it on that heavy tranny (might get squashed like a roach). Willie
  4. sherlok The dimensions are 32"wide x 58"deep x 8'long. I designed it and dug it larger to allow for later forming of the walls and floor. The depth is about right, but it could be longer if you don't want to have to move a car around to get to all of the underside. The width will handle all vehicles large and small. Willie
  5. Get it running first then report back on abnormal noises and function along with pressures. Willie
  6. http://www.sem.ws/where_to_buy.php
  7. SEM Vinyl And Plastic Color Coat (Aerosol Can)...I used this to touch up a damaged area on one of my daily drivers. 2 years later it still looked good. Also I painted and area on a junk tire on one of my parts cars as a test and it still looks good after 3 years. Willie
  8. buke Buy quality points like from NAPA, always change the condensor, be sure all connections are tight and clean, try a replacement coil. Also be sure that the ballast resistor has not been bypassed. Willie
  9. Ed Get rid if the heat riser! You don't need it for a fair weather car. These old ones either leak around the shaft like yours or stick in the closed position leading to driveablity problems. You will need to remove the manifold to cut it out and plug the holes. On those that are stuck just cut out the butterfly. Even on a restored car you cannot see the riser and probably will not get a point deduction. Willie
  10. 1. What is your current daily driven car? Year 1976 Make Olds Model Delta Royale (this is what I consider a proper size automobile) 2. How many miles do you commute per year? <5,000 5,000-10,000 10,000-15,000<------ 15,000-20,000 25,000+ 3. What MPG do you currently get in your daily driver? 12/15 4. Have you ever owned a hybrid vehicle? No 5. If you answered NO for question 4, do you plan on purchasing a hybrid in the future? No 6. If you answered NO for questions 4 and 5, please state the reason. Too small 7. If you answered NO for questions 4 and 5, would you be willing to purchase
  11. Thanks Steve Let me know if you hear anything. I called Steele yesterday and was told that they don't have them and are not going to make them... Not wanting to hold my breath for Steele, I will get some estimates from Metro and Karr rubber. Willie
  12. I am referring to that large triangular piece surrounding the steering column at the floor and firewall. Are theses items being reproduced? I have checked with all known suppliers and no joy. And any used ones in this area are worse than the ones I have. There was one for a Super (different part number) that went for $130 on ebay a few weeks ago. I am thinking about having some custom made...any interest? Thanks Willie
  13. Paul You need an exhaust cutout: JC Whitney I've had them in the past and am smiling right now thinking about it. Go for it! Willie
  14. Bob The lifters were aftermarket made by TRW and probably the VL-3 that Ken is talking about. Using 56 lifters a 55 is OK if you want to solve a problem like Ken, pending a complete rebuild. After all they lasted 20,000 miles and that is years for most of us... Willie
  15. Bob 55 lifters have a deeper recess at the top and require a longer pushrod. 56 lifters can only be used if 56 pushrods are used to obtain the same overall lenght. Most of us use 56 lifters because they are cheaper and easier to find and the best way is to replace the cam with one from a 56. Here is what happens when you use 56 lifters on a 55 cam: (you are looking at the bottom of the lifter...there is a hole that ain't supposed to be there...) This took 20,000 miles but I was 500 miles from home when 3 of them went south. They were all on exhaust valves which would not op
  16. These engines were the 322ci and were lower compression than the engines used in Buicks. I have never seen one and have always wondered about what transmissions were used, etc. Willie
  17. The tires were Carlyle brand (made in USA) from Discount Tire. The previous tires were the same tread design but a different brand and they self-destructed at 4 years just like these. The tires we bought in Norman, OK are Nanking(sp) brand made in China. I bought the 'lifetime' warranty for this last set of Carlyle tires and recieved a full refund from Discount Tire (after some 'negotiating'). Willie
  18. This is Bill Talking, I am on Willie's computer cause mine died. Lost another trailer tire yesterday, I think it had something to do with hitting the large piece of furniturein the road last night. Just a glancing blow but broke a light and dented the fender. Traveling at night in Tennessee can be dangerous. Of course traveling during the day in Missouri is too as we heard a bang yesterday afternoon but couldn't figure out what it wa until we saw the bullet hole in the trailer. I dont know who I pissed off with my driving but they shot the trailer. We dropped the car off today outside of Mobil
  19. Hi Email me and I will respond by the weekend. I can help with the removal of the tri parts. Willie
  20. Hey Ken Can you post some pictures to show what you are talking about? I have some used original 55 lifters, some aftermarket 55 lifters and some aftermarket 56 lifters (friends say I never throw anything away...but guess who they go to for some obscure part...). A quick glance at these lifters showed differences in the size and placement of the groove on the lifter body and in the oil hole. Sorry that this did not answer your question on the VL-3 vs VL-5 lifters. Willie
  21. Coker tire sells a 6.50R16 that would be more appropriate
  22. On earlier cars (55) the same key operated the door lock and ignition and the key number is stamped on a tang of the door lock cylinder. I have had dealers and locksmiths make keys from this number. Willie
  23. There is usually not much wrong with the motors....just need cleaning and lubrication. The commutator will need to be dressed with fine sand paper. There is a little trouble getting the brushes back but not that hard. Don't throw it away. Willie
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