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  1. Sorry I do not get on this forum much anymore.. I still have ALL the stainless pieces from the '65 440H.. I am pretty sure I have ALL interior and exterior stainless EXCEPT 1 front fender spear. I am ready to sell them seperate (where I was not before).. I still prefer to sell them as a whole for a great price vs getting top dollar for individual pieces (easier for me that way) but will sell "onesies". I also have a twin stick, tranny (3 speed with OD) complete head with intake assy (carb too), NOS fuel pump with site glass, and various other parts. I will atach some of the pics.. NOTE: this is NOT all the stainless.. 208 221-7866 or kelsey@2strokeheads.com is best for contact.
  2. Hi Guys... Been a while since I visited this site.. I have been considering having the car placed in a Museum.. It is simply not getting used here and the car shows are not really exciting me anymore.. Would you guys know of any GOOD museums that may be interested in displaying my car? I do not want to give them the car.. just have it on display for other car enthusiasts (like me) to enjoy. I never get tired of car museums.. I can stay in there all day and just soak in all the history. Anyway.. please let me know if you have any ideas on how to make this happen.. ALSO, please let me know if you think it is a bad idea! Thanks
  3. Looking for a factory 4 speed Cutlass or F-85 Car... 2 Door only Please let me know if you have anything? Please email me at torqueline@2strokeheads.com Thanks
  4. Just got back from the largest show in the state.... Was a great turn out well over 1000 cars. Turns out, I am not the only one that thinks the 37 Dodge is a Kool car.. Won the class against a lot of competition.. It is nice to know that others respect the hard work and dedication that goes into restoring one of these cars..Also nice to have validation that the car is a rare car and people enjoy seeing it and that is is not just me trying to be impartial.
  5. Had the first official (judging by class) car show a few weeks back.. The car won Best "Restored Original" Pretty haappy about that.. There was some really nice cars at the show.. Here are a few pics from the show.. The car really gets a lot of attention!
  6. YUP similar story with mine.. LOL.. In any case, the only option outside of finding NOS is these Vintque arms.. Sold by CW moss.. I feel I did a very thorough investigation of what's out there and they are the only game in town.. ALL other antique shops sell the Vintque just packaged under another name.. and I think they are very cheaply made arm My .02
  7. Just got back from going over the 300 with a fine tooth comb.. Car has zero rust and is in excellent condition...Not sure f it is the car for me.. So, is anybody on here interested in a cherry 300 for a decent price?
  8. Rusty, thanks for the info on the Slant 6..
  9. Good to know.. so can you still get this Hyperpak kit for the Slant 6?
  10. OK got the new arms.. the clamp style are not going to come off, for sure.... they still look good and close to era correct.. I will leave them on for now and see how it goes.. the era correct (hook style) arms are just so cheap!! They have already flown off and scratched the roof .. so I will have a set of those on hand if somebody wants to get technical with the car.. but the others looks great! Thanks for all the info and advice!
  11. I have a 62 Olds F-85 convert with the 215 AL engine and it is a great car.. the Buick engine, I am told, is a tad different (heads etc) but the body is near identical.. The Dart has the slant 6 wish it had the V8.. Still waiting for info on the others..
  12. I am waiting on the pics and the details on all the converts. They are about 7 hours away from me.. The Dart was the one I was interested in as well..LOL..
  13. I'm going to check it out this Wed.. It has been in this family for about 40 years and the owner recently passed away so the family is selling it.. so the car has been well taken care of.. I also have a line on some real neat 2 dr convertibles 65 Dart, 61 Rambler ,62 Buick Skylark, 66 Olds 88, 66 Caddy, and 65 Galaxy... all in good shape and running.. thinking of buying the whole lot and keeping 1 of them so if anybody is looking for any of these cars, let me know.. I may have them soon
  14. OK who has driven one of these cars.. They seem very large and I have not driven one yet. They do have a lot of HP so are they a "boat" or a fun car to drive
  15. The pace setter was the consumer 300 Car that they made very few of (1860 converts and 370 hard tops) they were a production car and that is what this is..
  16. No this is not the true pace car but the pace setter consumer car.. So do only the officialpace cars have the square wheels? The way I read it..(internet) this is not the case
  17. This one is definitely the pace setter convertible and it has the round wheel.. Vin is a 8033XXXXX so car is correct.. just trying to find out some details before I decide to pick i tup or not.. Beautiful car...
  18. I am looking at one of these cars and dont know alot about them.. Some pics show what appears to be a square steering wheel and others show a round (normal) wheel. Could somebody tell me why this is? Thanks
  19. OK found out that the Vintique 17529 Arms are the only one aftermarket available and many are having issues with them.. Spoke with a knowledgeable person at CW MOSS antique parts and he told me that they are a problem piece . They have an updated version that actually clamps to the wiper motor but does not have the correct look (for the year) but WILL stay on and not fly off and scratch your paint... So, I am going to try them and see if they look OK.. They are cheap enough...$13.00 per side with blade... I also ordered another of the correct for the year ones and I will see about modifying them to be better.. we'll see... I wonder if the original Tricos were any better or if it is just the design that is poor? Anybody have any thoughts?
  20. OK drake does notmake them for my style.. so the only option is the Vintique (which I think is what I have) So, since I have to order Ford Model A wipers what would the correct length be for a 37? anybody know?
  21. Yes, the last hot link is what is correct but that c shaped retainer is where the problem is.. it likes to come loose and pop off.. I spoke to the Wiperman.com and he tells me Bob Drake 35-36 Model A arm is heavier duty but he say that they are about 9" long and I think I need closer to 7.5-8.5" length.. So, anybody have any experience with the Bob Drake arms?
  22. OK, I am having some problems finding some GOOD hook style wiper arms.. The ones I have bought hav ebeen junk.. they won't stay on and are just cheaply made So, I am asking for advice on some good wiper arms.. What have you guys found to work well and stay on the motor shaft? I found these http://www.vintageford.com/sect_search.cfm?Line=V-8&Category=Wiper-%20Arm Part # 06300-C but think they may be the same as what I have already tried. Also found these which look better than what I have now http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/271104441296?lpid=82 the style I have now, different manufacturer is shown here http://www.ebay.com/itm/1932-36-STAINLESS-STEEL-WIPER-ARM-BLADE-KIT/280762403064?_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D24189%26meid%3D8694686084422555007%26pid%3D100005%26prg%3D10283%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D271104441296&rt=nc Please advise
  23. Ian.. Plate looks great!!.. Nice work!! I only wish it was ready when I needed mine.
  24. Henry, I am interested in the coupe.. but ,I can't commit until I can see some complete pics... Anyway to get some complete pics? Thanks
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