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  1. Sorry I do not get on this forum much anymore.. I still have ALL the stainless pieces from the '65 440H.. I am pretty sure I have ALL interior and exterior stainless EXCEPT 1 front fender spear. I am ready to sell them seperate (where I was not before).. I still prefer to sell them as a whole for a great price vs getting top dollar for individual pieces (easier for me that way) but will sell "onesies". I also have a twin stick, tranny (3 speed with OD) complete head with intake assy (carb too), NOS fuel pump with site glass, and various othe
  2. Very nice work!! It is amazing to see the difference between the 32 and the 37 in terms of design... Very different I had a question for you.. you mentioned this 100 year meet for Dodge in Detroit? Can you direct me to some details on this? I may be interested in attending. Thanks
  3. I had, at one time 2 49 Super Sedanettes... and tons of spare parts.. These are truly one of the most beautiful cars ever built IMO.. I will caution you.. They are a 1 year car only and parts are very hard to find since there is very few parts that interchange from other years... I still have a few parts leftover from my 49 days.. I also have a lot of literature and I mean alot!! Let me know if you need anything and I can see if I have it in my leftover parts... Great car!! I wish I had totally finished mine... Congrats
  4. Looking good Ian.. Nice work!! Hood corners?? I have gotten tons of rubber parts from ALL of the rubber "guys" .. I have come to the conclusion that Steele rubber's quality is unmatched.. they are also usually much more expensive .. but I find it worth it because it just fits better and is a better quality of material.. Having said that.. Metro (MMP) does have some nice stuff
  5. I have ALL of the 440H trim except the following pieces: Driver's Side front fender long trim Front fender "D" shaped piec that attaches to the fender trim Rear fender "spear" END piece that attaches to the fender spear/trim ALL else is present and in great shape.. I also have the twin stick I have various other 65 American parts..including the engine head and 3 speed w/OD tranny I prefer to sell all the trim as one lot because it is so very rare.. But may consider seperating.. These are 400 H trim pieces... NOT standard 440. These are near impossible to find. Please call or email if you have
  6. Martin I sent you an email direct earlier this morning with some more lists.. Let me know if you did not receive the email. I did not save anyy of the carpets, but I do have most of the parts that you are looking for..
  7. Hello Martin Yes, I still have many of the parts left Let me know what you are looking for
  8. WOW!!, what a beautiful car.. Very nice work! Your attention to detail is inspiring... I am on the home-stretch of finishing my 37 restoration.. Thinking ahead to the runing board material (that I have) but I would like to ask what is the best adhesive to glue the rubber to the sheet-metal pattern I had made? Do you have any recommendations for doing this?.. Then I need to adhere the sheet-metal (with rubber attached.. hopefully) to the actual running boards... I am changing up the OEM design of those "tabs" that hang thru the boards and collect water and rust... I had a sheet metal piece mad
  9. I THINK I am just missing 1 from fender spear... ALLother stainless is present.. It has been many years since Iparted this car so, my memory has faded.. But I do know that the 440H was LOADED with stainless fronto back, top to bottom.. And that was one of the main draws to me converting my 440 to the 440H.. As for price.. I will accept any reasonable offer for the entire lot.. I do understand the rarity of this model but I also have a love for ALL classic cars and love to see them restored to their original glory.. So, shoot me an offer. You can also call anytime to discuss 208-221-7866 I ha
  10. I have the radio..I do not know if it works, but I have it and it is in excellent condition externally
  11. Hello Yes, I have the complete stainless (minus1 front fender piece) moldings rfom the 440H, Including ALL interior pieces as well.. I am hesitant to sell them seperate . I prefer to keep them as a set (interior and exterior) But may consider it I no longer have the grille or valence.. I do have just about everything else, including the twin stick, tranny, doors,fenders, COMPLETE interior minus fron seats (sold) and Twin stick center console (sold), engine head (very hard to find) and much more The car was complete when I disassembled it.. Honestly, I have had this car (in pieces) in my loft f
  12. I do not want to seperate the knobs from the radio .. But the lenses I would like to get $60 for the pair... Note: these are the complete taillight assy NOT just the outer red lense. Again, I prefer not to seperate them
  13. I have the complete radio, tail light lenses, wipers.. I sold the tank and fenders a while ago.. I have most of the interior still execpt for the seats..
  14. Years ago, I completely disassembled a non rusted and nice 1965 440H. I still have much of the interior and exterior parts as well as the stainless trim and engine parts I will try and get a list together but it may take a while.. If you ave specific parts you are looking for, let me know and I can see if I still have them.. Thanks
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