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  1. I agree with all said above, but would add this. EDM around here is hyper expensive, that is due to the lack of machines. DRILL GUIDE - Excellent solution, I do that regularly. I usually make three or four, in progressively larger sizes. As an additional safeguard in case I want to remove it I start with one that is full dimension of the bolt/stud hole. Since the hole is big enough to see down it, alignment is easier. After mounting this I insert a transfer punch and give it a tap to get an exact center hole/indent. This also makes aligning the smaller drill guide easier, with an appropriate size transfer punch you can "feel" center. Or, since they are about 6" long, you can set it in center before dropping the drill guide for tightening. If you don't have these Error Freight has them regularly for about $7.99 a set. Machine shops. What they will do is drill to the proper size for tapping the hole. Then they will run a correct size tap in to clear the material left in the threads. If you are calling machine shops, ask if they have a magnetic base drill press. Rather than remove the block, the drill press can be mounted on the block. These are not uncommon. I almost bought one at an auction last week, I suppose I should have. As you get nearer to maximum drill out, a left hand drill may remove what is left. If worst comes to worst, and you need a block, PM me.
  2. I agree with Lief, I just pulled a tranny from a '55 that way.
  3. Things continue to improve, unfortunately it isn't us. Have a look at the gas cap lid on a Toyota or Honda. Many have three curves, they are works of art. Don't know if we can do that. Even Mercedes trys to hold it to one curve, but prefers flat.
  4. Is the '38 Junior Eight (not a 120 that year) the same. I have one with the diaphram blocked off. Still in the car, looks OK.
  5. These are a pair of hood hinges I took off a '56 Special convertible. I have no idea if they fit the Super or Roadmaster, but they are bead blasted and ready to go. I had these on eBay a couple of times and they didn't sell, can't just toss them. "Free" does not include actual shipping cost.
  6. Is this a joke? A sign of the times that I have to ask the question. Seems to be the wrong tail stock on that South Bend, Model A.
  7. To quote a Packard ad, "I'm keeping a promise I made to that boy". Is there a supplier of the parts to add sidemounts to a '37 120?
  8. Any answer to the question on poured babbit bearings?
  9. My local trim shop sold me a 4 X 4 sheet for $10.00. They carry it for custom made door panels, I think 4 X 4 is the standard size.
  10. I found these in the back of a customized/hot rod '53-4 Chevy 4 door. I thought they were part of the rear quarter spear on a Bel Air. After I got them home, I noticed that they were poined at the legs and didn't seem likely to connect to anything. My Chevy "picture book" doesn't seem to have anything like this. The stripes in the "nose" were red, but faded in the photo.
  11. This is the optional "redline" speedometer for the Special and Century. The Item # is 320349466428 http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayIS...&viewitem=] Have a look around at my other '55 stuff on eBay, side trim for a Riviera 4 door, washer bottle and pump, parking light buckets for a Super/Roadmaster.
  12. A local boneyard has a '55 Century convert. I haven't looked over the floors, although I am not encouraged. I'll have a look next time I am that way. I recall the frame is rotted over the rear wheel arch.
  13. Faust

    Ebay Packard

    A long time since high school, but Phaeton was Apollo's son. Back in the horse and buggy days, Phaeton was applied to carriages. I think it was just adopted by car makers. I am not sure it has an actual definition. VW now makes a closed "Phaeton". I have never seen a two windshield car that wasn't called a "dual cowl Phaeton".
  14. I just bumped into a New Zealander on line, he is looking for window crank eschutcheons (front vent window) for a 1607 he is restoring. He has none, does anyone have a good picture of what he is looking for? Are these standard eschutcheons drilled for mounting on wood?
  15. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> (40)is the collektions number for Special,2dr Special Riviera is 46R. </div></div> Thank you. I put in "40" as a series designation. The car is actually a 4 door, Special, Riviera. It "came to rest" about 10 miles from Framingham.
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