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  1. Shop clutter can really be unprocessed projects or "projects in waiting". Just make sure there is enough room for fire fighters in full "combat gear" to be able to walk through without hitting anything, for good measure. These "wide trails" can also allow any visitors to find their way in or out easier. IF the floor space becomes more like a field warehouse, then get some shelves. Increase the number of shelf units as needed. When more floor space is needed, THEN might consider some "thinning of the herd". NOTE: for "private-use shops" only. The more commercial-oriented the situation m
  2. Neat pictures! "Wear" is "wear" whether it's in a DynaFlow or a THM400. Just have to know what moves, what doesn't need to move, and what does what with the friction elements. The main calibration areas would be inside the valve body and on the end of the band that wraps around the drum. Plus the piston that applies the clutch pack inside the drum. AND any fixed bushings or replaceable bearings (as pictured in one shot). One possibly critical area would be the build thickness of "the frictions and steels" in the clutch pack. ANY total build thickness "out of spec" can relate
  3. I looked at u-joints themselves for the center joint and they seem to go from '61-'68. There was some sort of center bushing kit on rockauto that was more year-specific. Or are what you're seeking what used to be called "centering kit" (which was between the two u-joints in the cast iron housing)? Just curious . . . NTX5467
  4. What might the model year range by for that joint set-up? Into the later 1960s? NTX5467
  5. Possibly IF those rollers hadn't become stationary, "things" would not have accumulated quite so quickly? As large, flatter stationary objects in a "car shop" tend to accumlate items for later use, by observation, even if they've been there for an extended time. Nice stationary cart! NTX5467
  6. When the K&Ns came out, it was "ground breaking" news of sorts. Nobody had ever really suspected a filter element media might restrict air flow into an engine . . . only size thereof, possibly. But as more power (and air flow) was needed, with available space an issue, then the media's flow performance tended to become more of an issue. When I did a 4bbl from 2bbl upgrade on my '77 Camaro 305, I ended up with one of the knock-off GM Corvette-style open element air cleaners. After I got things baselined and saved some money, I ended up with a new K&N element (and oil). S
  7. Current dialouge about the turbines is that they were not properly winterized, as they would have been in northern areas where they also apparently operate without issues in cold weather. The inspections of such were done virtually, due to the virus issues. End result? Assurances of "we're ready" were not completely accurate. When the private sector seems to fail, as several entities seemed to in TX, government oversight needs to be increased. Either from "boots on the ground" or upgraded performance specs/expectations. With TX being a de-regulated energy state, reports of astronomical e
  8. How TALL is that garage space? Must cost a fortune to heat!
  9. 9" of snow in Del Rio today, with a little bit a few days ago? It's headed toward San Antonio. Might want to do it in March this year, too? Better check with your lodging provider to see if they will be open and at what price. As many got hotel rooms when the power/gas/water went away in their homes. Or pipes broke. NTX5467
  10. You drive the condensate out with the 10-mile trips. Then more condensate can form as it cools down from that? Cycle repeat? NTX5467
  11. First "ice" was last week, but mostly east of Hudson Oaks (where the dealership is). No ice out here, just "dry" snow as the temps have been below 30 all of this time. Got to -1 F the other night. Back up to 20 F now, but not much colder tonight. 60 F by Monday? I made a stop at Dollar General before it all hit, on the way to work. Then got some 6-packs (cheap, purified water) for good measure. The rural co-op that does the electricity has been doing good. Two 15-minute "off" periods each of the last two days. Nothing today, yet. Long lines to get firewood, gaso
  12. I've seen some "for sale" ads with that sort of thing. When the owner had both sets of wheels to do it with. NTX5467
  13. Unfortunately, for BCA judging purposes, "reasonable facsimile" or "intent" are not the same as "OEM production, end of the assembly line" correctness. In a BCA-style show where OEM production correctness is "the standard for no points deducts" (other than possibly for condition), it's one thing. In a non-BCA-style judged show event, the judges' orientations might be different. Just depends upon "which game" you might desire to play. Of course, with two sets of covers, you might play BOTH games, if desired. Regards, NTX5467
  14. Perhaps some sort of auxilary, continuous-duty vacuum pump might be adapted rather than the electrification project? Or a dua;-diaphram fuel pump which feeds a check-valved vacuum reservoir, which then attaches to the wiper motor? The kit from Julianos, who makes it? Years ago, one of our late chapter members put a Newport Engineering kit on his '58 Century and was very pleased with how it installed and operated. No mention of "sweep", though. NTX5467
  15. Does the particular accel pump unit have a solid shaft or is there a sleeve over a lower shaft, which the upper spring keeps extended? The two-piece shaft would allow the pump to bottom-out and not restrict throttle linkage movement, at or near WOT. If the pump bottoms out, then that upper spring would extend the sleeved shaft to its design length as the (direct-acting) throttle linkage moves back toward "idle". If there is a spring under the accel pump, I suspect it would be short and not very strong. Plus very possibly having a groove it can sit in and be compressed into. While not both
  16. LOL! A 1100623 for sale on eBay at this time. About $175.00 (claimed to be "show quality") 1963 Buick 1100623 42amp Many pictures of the "for sale" item, too. Google assisted this search! Only thing is that the stamps on that eBay item are more in line with what I'm used to seeing, rather than on your item. BTAIM Enjoy! NTX5467
  17. Thanks. 1109623 >> 1107382 = starter '65 Rivieras used 11007__ alternators. Date Code 2J24 = last digit of year / _ = Month / Day of Month . . . from a similar date code request in a Corvette forum. Not sure if "J" is for January or July? Any amperage rating stamps? As "42A", or similar? NTX5467
  18. DelcoRemy.com shows 1109632 was superceded by:1107382, 1109436, and 10455334. Plus 12V - CW (clockwise rotation?). And . . . "obsolete". NTX5467
  19. Sure that's 1109623 and not 1100623? Or is it just the light? Just curious, NTX5467
  20. I can understand some syspension calibration changes (including wheel/tire choices), but not the basic suspension design itself. I can see some posible issues with seat belt/safety restraint issues/bumper issues, plus infotainment issues (radio frequencies and bands). Even the rh vs lh drive situations? But to look at the cars sitting side by side, "badge engineering" would be evident, to me. Everything else for the particular market would be "bolt-on", typically. Especially as GM's design orientation was to have ONE vehicle go many places with few changes relating to the vehi
  21. "Repairable" or "Replaceable"? Hopefully, BOTH . . . $$$$ Thanks for the graphic updates! NTX5467
  22. Later, more recent re-badging was when the Buick Cascada convertible was also a Vauxhall and Opel, built in Poland. A European-built car that was co-opted for more plant production and model viability. Only the emblems were changed . . . The Chevy Cruze first appeared in Oz, as a Holden Cruze, a few years before it came to the USA as a Chevrolet. The Chevy SS and Pontiac G8 vehicles were of Holden origin, also. Can't forget the last-gen Pontiac GTO as a re-badged Holden Monaro vehicle, especially for the first couple of model years. In these cases, though, as with
  23. I would like to have something like that too, but it'd probably be priced out of my price range, unfortunately. On the other hand, it could easily become the aspirational car that Thunderbirds were from 1958 well into the 1960s, as well as the first Rivieras in that era, too. IF we were running GM, it never would have gone bankrupt, I suspect. NTX5467
  24. As I recall, most new brush holders have a plastic dowel inserted to keep the brushes retracted until they are installed. Then "pull it out" and you're ready to go. Otherwise, you can manually push the brushes back into their holder, insert a "paper clip" to hold them in place (retracted) for safe keeping until they are ready to be reinstalled (IF they are worth re-installing). NTX5467
  25. The Avista is the car I termed "the coupe" above. In "red" at the 2016 New York Auto Show, as posted by "GM Authority" website.
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