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  1. It's got the Tri-Shield emblem on it on the front so it has to be 1960 or newer.
  2. Interesting marketing stategy. Seller has raised the price to $5295 :confused:
  3. I thought the price seemed pretty reasonable. Kelly Blue Book is right around $4800 for private party assuming it is in good condition. Even at that, he's probably flexible. Seemed to me there was always someone on this website looking for a nice Roadmaster wagon. Most you see for sale have been rode hard and put away wet with high miles. I posted it as I thought there might be some interest. Guess not.
  4. Not mine. Advertised on Craigslist in Minneapolis MN . Low miles. 1996 Buick Roadmaster Station Wagon
  5. I've been following this discussion with some interest as I used to work in a Lincoln Mercury dealership from the early 70's until the mid 80's. From when I was late in my teen's until my early 30's. I drove literally thousands of the 70's era Lincoln's, Town Cars, Mark IV's and V's in every possible configuration from base models to the Designer/Collectors Series. At the same time, my father had a series of Buick Electra's. He had a '72, '74 and '76. In fact I was with him at the Buick dealer in the fall of '75 when he ordered the '76 Electra Limited. It was very well loaded, and if my memory serves me right, the sticker price was right around $9600. Lincoln had a few options that were not available in the Buick, leather being one of them, but not many others. Nothing I have said so far makes me an expert on either car, but just thought I'd give my thoughts since I was very familiar with both. In my opinion, the Buick Electra Limited with the cloth seats was everything that a comparably equipped Lincoln Town Car was with the upgraded cloth interior. Would I consider one to be better than the other? No. But you have to consider that the $9600 my dad paid for the '76 Electra Limited would have run him closer to $13,000 or $14,000 for the Lincoln Town Car. In my mind, it would have been hard to justify spending the additional money for not a lot more than being able to say you drove a Lincoln instead of a Buick.
  6. Huptoy, I have an '06 Chev Silverado 2500HD with the 6.0 gas engine in it. Probably the closest to #2 you have on your list. Difference is mine is a crew cab and 4WD. It currently has about 25K miles on it. I drive it to work and to tow an open 18' Aluminum trailer. When loaded, it weighs approximately 6,000 lbs. Real world mileage around town is about 13 - 13.5 during warmer months. During the winter, it drops to between 11 and 12 depending on how cold it is. (I'm in MN). This summer I towed our 59 Buick out and back to Colorado Springs, round trip about 2000 miles. Speed was kept right about 60MPH on the interstate. You're not going to pass anybody at that speed, but the overall average for the trip was 13.5. Kick the speed up a notch to 65 or 70 and the mileage will drop dramatically.
  7. Owner has been trying to sell this car off and on for well over a year. Seems to me the first place I saw it advertised was on the Buicks.net website, which, no offense to the website as I look at it all the time, probably wasn't the best place to start. I think the original asking price was somewhere in the $12K range. It certainly looked to be a pretty decent car overall and the bucket seat interior, tu-tone paint and cruise control were definitely seldom seen options. Never did understand why it didn't sell as seller did a great job of presenting the car as has been mentioned earlier. As Centurion noted, these cars are way under appreciated, even within the Buick community. The Wildcat gets all the attention because of the performance aspect, but the Electra 225 doesn't give up much in the way of performance despite it's larger size. In my opinion, the Electra is about as elegant and classy looking of a car as you can get. Whenever we had ours out for a drive, people would stop and stare or do a double take when we drove by. Someone got a very good deal on a pretty nice car
  8. Derek, it's not for the Invicta, it's for the Electra 225 convert I bought last fall. I'm starting to take it apart and am finding some not so pleaseant surprises. This is the layer of fine dirt and dust I found when I took the headlite out.
  9. Thanks Marty, I got your email.
  10. NOS if there is such a thing, otherwise used, but must be rustfree and straight. Minor dings not a problem. Email me at 59invicta@comcast.net Tom
  11. August of 1971 in my mom's '69 Skylark 2 door hardtop. Dark brown (can't remember the color name) with a white vinyl top and white vinyl interior.
  12. I drove by der a couple weeks ago on my way up nort doncha know. I saw a brown Buick sitting there, but it was a '60.
  13. Must not be real interested in selling these parts. I never heard back from him either.
  14. Try Martin Johnson at mjexhaust@voyager.net. He is in Michigan and advertises in Hemmings. I have purchased mufflers for both a '62 Skylark and '63 Electra from him. Both oddball transverse mufflers and they fit perfectly. Your '64 Wildcat should be close if not the same as my '63 Electra. Reasonable prices and very easy to deal with.
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