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  1. Bob's has a core charge for rebuilt shoes for the 49 of $60. per set (front and rear) so I wouldn't scrap your old ones,
  2. My E-34 with 3974 miles has both types of grease cups. I doubt they have ever been changed. Stu
  3. The correct lens is just slightly over 8" diameter.
  4. My E-34 with 3900 miles has what I believe are original lenses. See picture. I'll check measurements and see if I have spares. Stu Allen
  5. You may be correct. I was going by the shop manual that says "remove R.F, fender". I'll try moving the inner fender. Thanks for the response.
  6. I'm stuck trying to remove the passenger side front fender. I need to service/replace the AC blower motor so the fender has to come off. I've removed all bolts shown in the service manual. The front of the fender lifts up about 2" and the rear came up about an inch but I'm unable to lift it further. What am I missing? I unbolted the power antenna bracket and removed that unit but don't see anything else preventing the fender from coming off. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Thanks, Matthew, I'll keep you posted. Stu
  8. I just read your article on the Beech Creek trucks in the March-April issue of Antique Automobile. Neat story! I grew up in Mansfield PA and my grandfather was a dairy farmer there. I'd be interested in following up the lead of who the farmer in Mansfield was that bought the truck. Some of the family might still be around and it would be great to find their story. There is an active historical group in Mansfield that might help me track any info available. Do we have a name of the Farmer? Stu Allen AACA #021600 Staunton VA
  9. I have a N.O.S. gravel shield for 1949 50 and 70 series Buick. $80. + shipping.
  10. Dodge manuals available at Hershey - Spot # C4O 45. Prices vary by condition. 1939 Dodge Truck Parts List 1941 Dodge Truck Shop Manual 1948-49 Dodge Truck Parts List 48-53 Dodge Truck Shop Manual 1949 Dodge Passenger Shop Manual 1957 Dodge Truck Owners Manual
  11. Problem fixed! I removed the pressure metering valve and found that the stem that protrudes at the rear of the valve was seized. I tore the valve apart, removed the stem and cleaned it up, put it back together and reinstalled it.As usual I had to make new lines as the tubing twisted off with the fittings. After bleeding the front brakes again, the light goes out and the brakes function well. Thanks for the advice on the problem. Stu
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. I suspect the pressure metering valve is the problem. The brake pipe distribution switch seems to be working. I'll try to locate a replacement valve although it appears the part number is unique to this application. Stu
  13. I'm working on my '69 Riviera GS trying to fix a intermittent brake tell-tale light that comes on when you depress the pedal and then goes out. This problem was there when I bought the car last winter. The brakes seem to operate just fine but the light is cause for concern. I replaced one rear wheel cylinder that had a twisted off bleed screw and bled the rear brakes. When I went to check the front Bendix disc brakes I checked the '69 Buick chassis service manual (section 50-32) and became confused. The text says the metering valve must be held open to bleed the brakes by depressing the stem yet the schematic (figure 50-59) shows the valve is open when the stem is in the extended position. When I bleed the front brakes with the Mitivac pump I get a steady flow with no bubbles leaving the metering valve in its extended position. Did I do it correctly? The problem still exists so I may have to rebuild the master cylinder. Randy Hunter tells me I may need to replace the brake pipe distributor switch (any idea of where to find a new one?) and suggested I might get some advice by posting here on the forum. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. Stu Allen
  14. Try: This works on 69 Riviera and I suspect it might fit your 68. Stu Allen