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  1. Hi,

    we own also a DKW 1000 SP like the coral colored one. There were several cars in Germany which looked like small US Cars :

    1958 to 1961 Opel Rekord ( sold in USA as "small Buick" ), 1958 to 1965 Opel Kapitaen. The Kapitaen was also available with a Chevy V 8 engine. The early one ( Diplomat A ) with the 283 cui engine and the later "Diplomat" with the 327 cui engine. This was the real last large Opel in Germany which was very close or even over Mercedes.


  2. Hello,

    an old car fan from Germany will be in USA, Naples, Florida from October, 28th to November, 11th. He would like to drive 1 or 2 hours in a 1959 Cadillac, if possible a convertible but this is not a must. He don’t want to drive by himself but it would be a pleasure for him to drive in such a car. And he of course will pay for the time.

    If someone is interested in this, you can contact him : Herbert Hegener.



  3. Jim, Pete. Thanks for your answers.

    Now I know that the word which I was looking for was “wobble”. Thanks for this.

    And thank you of course for your hints. It seems that the shaft is ok but with the hole in the fan I am not sure. I will first try it with a new key and than I will see what will happen. I guessed that, that it would be bad to drive with this wobble.

    So I will try to get a key here first. They will mostly sold with the castle nut and they are very cheap so the dealers here says often : This order is to less to send the part. And from USA there is a lot of shipping costs.



  4. Hello,

    I have a small problem with the fan of our 1929 Model A Roadster. I use a 2 blade cast aluminium fan. In the past it got a bit loose and it was possible to move the fan on the shaft. As I removed the fan from the shaft, I have seen, that the woodruff key is a bit worn. But I reinstalled it again since I don't have a new one at the moment, put a washer between castle nut and fan, and the fan is now fixed on the shaft. But… it turns not evenly, not round. The pulley or hub moves a bit for and backward, I would say 1 millimeter ( this is .04 inch ). I don’t mean a movement of the shaft. I hope you understand what I mean. I don't know the special english word for this movement.

    My question is now : Is this movement a problem and is it because the woodruff key is worn or the fan ? I think this movement could be bad for the water pump bearings.

    Thanks for your help in advance.

    Kind regards


  5. Hello,

    we own a 1953 Cadillac and have sometimes problems to start the engine when hot. So we think about to use a spacer between the carb and intake manifold.

    The engine has a Carter carb. ( original equipment ) WCB 2005S.

    Has someone an idea where we could get such a spacer ?

    Thanks for your help in advance

    Thomas Borchers

  6. Hello,

    we own a 1951 Chevrolet 3100 DeLuxe Cabin. Installed is not the correct engine because it is too long for the engine room with fan. A friend means that it is a 1969 GMC Engine but I mean that it looks older as a 1969 engine.

    I found this numbers : All on the right side of engine. This one is stamped in on the left site of the distributor : F 607 J. This is on the crank case on the right side of distributor : 3769716

    And the on the left side of the crank case behind the starter : 00N4 F 27

    Can someone say me which year this is ? And is it a Chevrolet or GMC Engine ?

    Kind regards



  7. Hi Willie,

    the old part has much more looseness as the new one. A friend here who works at the "car safety inspection" told me also that it is normal, that these kind of threads has a bit looseness.

    I made the adjustment exactly after the shop manual.

    Thanks for your answer, now I am happy and ready to tour again. smile.gif


  8. Hi,

    thanks for your answer but there is no play between arm and bushing. There is play between bushing and support ( frame bracket ) and both are new.

    And : It is not possible to get the idler arm and the frame bracket with it bushing. Not at Cars inc. or Kanter, just frame bracket and bushing.


  9. The support and bushing with fitting is brand new. They used a kind of black grease and I filled up with a different type.

    The idler arm ist still the same because I can't get these arms but the small play is in the new bushing / support thread. No play between bushing and idler arm.


  10. Hello,

    I hope someone can help me... I have just installed a new idler arm support with new bushing because I meant I have to change it because I had play there but it seems now, the old one has play and the new one has also play and is bad quality ? Or must there a bit play in this thread ?

    But perhaps I made mistakes so I would like to ask you, what the correct way is to install the support and bushing.

    As I wrote on the attached photo, I fixed / tightened the lower screw / bushing to the idler arm. Is this correct ?

    Then I turned in the support into this screw / bushing until it has its correct adjustment but... it has play.. this can't be correct or ?

    Did I bought trash or did I make mistakes ?

    Thanks for your help.