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  1. Hello ! A friend owns a 1950 Desoto Custom with the Tip Toe Hydraulic Shift. What kind of oil does he need for the transmission ? Is it a normal gearbox oil or a ATF ? Thanks for your help in advance. Regards Tom
  2. Hello, we own a 1953 Cadillac and have sometimes problems to start the engine when hot. So we think about to use a spacer between the carb and intake manifold. The engine has a Carter carb. ( original equipment ) WCB 2005S. Has someone an idea where we could get such a spacer ? Thanks for your help in advance Thomas Borchers
  3. Great ! Thank you very much for your help. Kind regards Tom
  4. Hello, is the hubcap on the photo a Dodge hubcap or know someone which make it is ? Thanks in advance. Tom
  5. Hi Jeff, thank you for the information. After 2 hours of browsing the internet, I found a site with the casting numbers. After this, 3769716 indicates a 1958 to 1962 235 Chevy truck engine as you said. Tom
  6. Hello, we own a 1951 Chevrolet 3100 DeLuxe Cabin. Installed is not the correct engine because it is too long for the engine room with fan. A friend means that it is a 1969 GMC Engine but I mean that it looks older as a 1969 engine. I found this numbers : All on the right side of engine. This one is stamped in on the left site of the distributor : F 607 J. This is on the crank case on the right side of distributor : 3769716 And the on the left side of the crank case behind the starter : 00N4 F 27 Can someone say me which year this is ? And is it a Chevrolet or GMC Engine ? Kind regards Tom
  7. Hi Willie, the old part has much more looseness as the new one. A friend here who works at the "car safety inspection" told me also that it is normal, that these kind of threads has a bit looseness. I made the adjustment exactly after the shop manual. Thanks for your answer, now I am happy and ready to tour again. Tom
  8. Dear Leif, thanks for your answer. I adjusted the bracket after the description in the shop manual, to get the correct measure from the lower screw of the bracket to the upper point of the idler arm. Actually this should be ok, or ? Regards Tom
  9. Thanks for you answer. But this means, that this brand new, never used bracked with bushing is new trash ? I bought it by Cars Inc. Regards Tom
  10. Hi, thanks for your answer but there is no play between arm and bushing. There is play between bushing and support ( frame bracket ) and both are new. And : It is not possible to get the idler arm and the frame bracket with it bushing. Not at Cars inc. or Kanter, just frame bracket and bushing. Tom
  11. The support and bushing with fitting is brand new. They used a kind of black grease and I filled up with a different type. The idler arm ist still the same because I can't get these arms but the small play is in the new bushing / support thread. No play between bushing and idler arm. Tom
  12. Hello, I hope someone can help me... I have just installed a new idler arm support with new bushing because I meant I have to change it because I had play there but it seems now, the old one has play and the new one has also play and is bad quality ? Or must there a bit play in this thread ? But perhaps I made mistakes so I would like to ask you, what the correct way is to install the support and bushing. As I wrote on the attached photo, I fixed / tightened the lower screw / bushing to the idler arm. Is this correct ? Then I turned in the support into this screw / bushing until it has its correct adjustment but... it has play.. this can't be correct or ? Did I bought trash or did I make mistakes ? Thanks for your help. Tom
  13. Steve, sounds great. I was not sure if the international membership fee is the same as for the US. Thanks Tom
  14. Hello ! How much is actually the international fee for a AACA membership ? It is some years ago I was a member of AACA but have no idea what I have paid. Thanks Tom
  15. Hi Tim, bad news... on the photos the car looked actually not so bad. Ok, the interior is no longer there but the body looked not bad. If they will find the winner of the car, I hope he will keep the car or an other person. Otherwise I will come over and pick the car up. Regards Tom
  16. Hi, are there now newer photos around ? Did they clean up the car to see its real condition ? Can't find something in the internet. Regards Tom
  17. Hi to all... can somebody explain me how to adjust the fuel mixture at our 1981 Cadillac Fleetwood with the 6 litres Engine ? There are just these two electric jets. It seems there is no way to adjust them more rich or lean. At the moment the engine runs to rich, can somebody help us with this ? The electronic controller is already new and also the oxygen sensor. Thank you Tom
  18. Hello, thank you very much, very interesting. Kind regards Tom
  19. Hi Jerry, after the "Standart Catalog of american cars" it was an factory option. "single or dual rear antennas". Tom
  20. Hello you two and thank you very much for your information ! We have just a very small owners manual with no information about the "check engine" light. Could somebody tell me which carb. was installed at the 1981 Fleetwood 6.0 L engine ( it should be a L62 Engine ) when the car left the factory ? I think it was a Quadrajet but I am not sure. We are thinking about to change the carb to an Edelbrock because after some years of searching, changing parts we can find out why the engine will not run correct. At idle it runs ok but if we accelerate, the engine runs too rich. If we disconnect the lambda feeler it runs too lean. Seems to be an electronic problem that we can't find and no one can help us with this here. Regards Tom
  21. Hello ! At the dash board of our 1981 Cadillac Fleetwood the "check engine" light is on. What kind of problems shows the light when it is on ? Thanks for your help in advance. Tom
  22. Hi Kevin, actually you are correct : Normally it is not possible to change the upper mount without to remove the cross member but I did... I cut a little bit the bolts of the pad and so it was possible to put it on the right place. Very funny the old pad : Absolutely no rubber between the two iron plates. But I have another problem : Since I have the car ( 7 years now ) the engine sits not at the correct place. At one engine mount ( the left one ) are two bolts installed, at the right one, there is no bolt because it is not possible to insert a bolt. The engine is a bit to much to the left at the rear end of the tranny. I tried to push it a bit to the right so that I can insert one or better two bolts but it was not possible to move the engine. So I can just insert one of the two bolts at the tranny casing. Is the only way to move the engine to the correct position when I lift up the engine ? Thanks for your help again. Tom