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  1. Mercedes has still the hardtop cars!<BR>I own an older one: 1980 Mercedes 230 CE. A newer one is the CLK or the S-Class Coupe.<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA<p>[This message has been edited by ThomasBorchers (edited 03-29-2000).]

  2. Yes, there were some 1950 Chevrolet 216.5 cui engines with Stromberg carburetors! The most had the Rochester. Following Stromberg carburetors were used: BXVD-2 and BXXD-35.<BR>Hope that helps you.<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  3. There were in the past 3 Cole Car Companies: one in 1903 in Rockford/Illinois and one in 1904 in Charles City/Iowa. But they exist only one year.<BR>The "real" Cole Car Comp. were in Indianapolis/Indiana from 1909 to 1925. They started with a smaller car with a 2cyl. engine and a 90" wheelbase. From 1910 they built 4 cyl. cars and in 1913 they started with a 6 cyl. with 40 hp and a wb of 132". No small car! In 1916 they had their first V8 cyl. car with 39hp and a 127" wb. The engine was manufactured by GM. In 1920 the Cole had now 80hp and this power have not changed until the end of the company. From 1916 Cole built only 8 cyl. cars. They had a lot of different bodies and they built no chep cars. The price were between a Buick and a Cadillac but closer to a Cadillac.<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # <BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  4. At my 1912 Cadillac I have following problem: Today I made my first tour with this car since I have it. The engine runs very good but when the engine runs a while (1 to 3 minutes) in idle speed and I want to start the car then it seems that the mixture is too rich. The exhaust is a bit black and the engine does not pick up speed when I open the throttle. When I do it to much and fast the engine stops. When the car is running, everything is ok and also if I open the throttle very carefully and very slow. I can hear that there is not an ignition at every cylinder when I open the throttle. After a short while, all cylinder fire and the engine pick up speed.<BR>Could it be a problem of a too high gas level in the carburetor? <BR>Thanks for your help.<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # <BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  5. Mark,<BR>I think every car is welcome at the HCCA. Even people with no car. The main thing is that you are interested in horseless carriages (pre1916 cars). If you would like to tour with other members with a car then you need a pre1916 car because this is the supposition to participate a Horseless Carriage tour with an own car.<BR>All kinds of pre1916 are welcome at the tours. Small, big, us made, foreign made every make.<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>

  6. Yes,<BR>a pice of glass works good also the bearing tool what Dave wrote. I saw some wood spokes which are refinished with a kind of oil. That looks good. We used in the past a transparent laquer like the laquer for ships and boats. We took a glossy one. That looks nice, too. We paint it, then we polished it with a fine sandpaper, again laquer and so on until it have an even finish. That protects the wood very good against bad weather.<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>

  7. Hello Lou,<BR>the De Vaux Motor Company came from USA. They were in Grand Rapids,Michigan and Oakland, California. They built cars from 1931 to 1932. Made cars with different bodies in 1931 with 6cyl. and 70HP 113" wheelbase and the next year tigethetr with the engine manufacture Continental with a 6cyl/80hp. But then Continental decided to build only enigines as they did before. There are some more information about the history of this company in the " Standard Catalog of American Automobiles" <BR><P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>

  8. Hello,<BR>have a pre 1915 car with 40HP:<BR>1912 Cadillac Model 30 Tourer (first car with electric start system). Very nice condition in dark blue.<BR>This car has one disadvantage: It is standig in Germany.<BR>Interested?<BR>Thomas Borchers<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>

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