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  1. I am afraid that I need a new cylinder head gasket for my 1931 Ford Model A, because there comes, when the engine is off, a bit cooling water out of the studs in the middle of the head. When I will change the gasket, do I need and additional silicone gasket or something like that (you know these things in tubes) or can I put the new gasket "dry" on the head? Thanks for your help.<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  2. Seems that all cars are going to have a break down: We need two valves for our Hudson. Here in Germany: No chance. The full length is 177 mm (6.969 inches) the max diameter is 50mm (1.969 inches)the min diameter (shaft) is 9mm (0.35433 inches). Wha can help us with these valves.<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  3. Howard,<BR>thank you very much for all. You will get the money then as soon as possible. I will ask one man (Klaus) at the hotel for assistance if I have a problem with money order (as I told you: I never did this before). Cash in an envelope is not so good, or? I think there will be no problem with the package and my hotel because this is a very small motel in the heart of the city. It has max. 20 to 25 rooms. It's very nice, cheap and they have some rooms with fullsize kitchen. And: No German tourists. wink.gif Last year they stored a package for me from Cars Inc. Before I stayed in this motel I stayed at a big Holiday Inn: High prices, not very friendly, and parking fee $16,- per Day. The motel will get some more for me to store: Parts for my 1931 Model A. Thanks again!<BR>Tod~~This year it is bad with the car tours and meetings and my USA tour. I booked the flight very early in December to get a cheap price. And after some months I saw then that there are a lot of meetings but not when I am in the city where the tour or meeting is. It is bad but it is how it is. <BR><P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  4. Yes, that would be ok for me but I would like to send you the money then to your account at your bank. I never did the other thing before. Is this ok? You can send me your account information to my Email or post it here. What ever you like more. Thank you!<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  5. A friend is looking for these parts: Master cylinder rebuild kit, engine gasket set, spark plugs, contact points, condenser, rotor, distributor cap. Maybe there is a chance at Kanter? Or know someone a better source? Thank you! Here iis no chance to get parts for a Rambler.<BR>If they have, please with fax# and Email. Thanks<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA<p>[This message has been edited by ThomasBorchers (edited 05-03-2000).]

  6. friend!! grin.gif<BR>You could help me one more time. Let us go the easiest way. I think that Mr. B. is a private man and that he will not accept cards, or? Plaese ask him for his account information and I will send him the amout for one set and the cost for the mail. Then, when he has the money, he can send it to:<P><B>Pacific Heights Inn<BR>Guest: Thomas Borchers, 1st arrival date: May 18th, 2nd arrival date: June 8th<BR>1555 Union Street<BR>San Francisco CA 94123</B><P>It is important that on the parcel-label is the thing with the dates and my name!<BR>It could be that I will send the money over an US account. Then he will get money from: Michael Thiel. Could you arrange this for me? Thank you very much! smile.gif<P>SalG~~ Here are my tour dates and places: May 18th to 20th, San Francisco; 20 to 21: Reno; 21 to 22: Elko; 22 to 23:Twin Falls/ID; 23 to 24:Jackson; 24 to 25: Yellowstone; 25 to 26:Jackson; 26 to 27: Salt Lake City; 27 to 28:Torrey; 28 to 29:Bryce Canyon; 29 to 30:Zion Park; 30 to 31:Page/AZ; 31 to June 1st:Grand Canyon; 1 to 3:Las Vegas; 3 to 4:Bishop/CA; 4 to 5:Oakhurst/CA; 5 to 7:Tulare; 7 to 8: Monterey and 8 to 11(last day): San Francisco<BR>I'm afraid that these places are not very close to New York....<BR><P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  7. Thanks Howard!<BR>Ron~~ I start and run the car always with the magneto. It runs really good but we have here a tour at the end of June and the first week in July. Then I would like to have a new set for the emergency. You never know with these contacts. Suddenly: Nothing! So it would be good if I have a spare contact set. I will be in the USA from 18. May to 13. June. By the way: $ 45,- ist not very cheap, or? But I am afraid it is the price which I have to pay. Is there a way to get contacts during my trip?<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA<p>[This message has been edited by ThomasBorchers (edited 05-02-2000).]

  8. Is somebody interested in a very nice, restored, authentic 1912 Cadillac which is now in Germany? Runs and drives perfect. Price not under $ 45.000,-. Want somebody more information about this car?<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  9. Here comes the picture:<BR>thomas_detroit.jpg<BR>Chris' uncle means a Thomas-Detroit?. What about a 1911 Thomas or a 1909 Oldsmobile? Who knows more?<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  10. It's a good idea that it is an after market item because I found the Stromberg under Historical Footnotes and not under engine or options.<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  11. Dan, do you have a shop manual for your Chevrolet? What says that about carburetors for your 216.5 engine?<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  12. I just wrote what I?ve read in my book. With the same words. Now I found one thing more in my book after 30 min. The Stromberg BXOV-2 Model 380286 was used (with others) in the 1952 Chevrolet (Inline Six 216.5 cui). Maybe an earlier Model (12-224) was used in the 51? The Powerglide Six had the Rochester, only.<BR>The Dodge 1947 to 1952 used BXV, BXV-3, BXVD, BXVD-3 and some more. I didn't find the BXVD-2 in my book. <P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA<p>[This message has been edited by ThomasBorchers (edited 03-31-2000).]

  13. Rick: Yes, I' am sure! I own these wonderful "Standard Catalogs of American cars" part 1 and 2. I don't know whether all is true what are in these books.<BR>I read under the 1950 Chevrolet historical footnotes this: "New Rochester carburetor was B or BC type. Some cars also had Stromberg BXVD-2 or BXXD-35 carburetors." <P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  14. Mercedes has still the hardtop cars!<BR>I own an older one: 1980 Mercedes 230 CE. A newer one is the CLK or the S-Class Coupe.<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA<p>[This message has been edited by ThomasBorchers (edited 03-29-2000).]

  15. Yes, there were some 1950 Chevrolet 216.5 cui engines with Stromberg carburetors! The most had the Rochester. Following Stromberg carburetors were used: BXVD-2 and BXXD-35.<BR>Hope that helps you.<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  16. There were in the past 3 Cole Car Companies: one in 1903 in Rockford/Illinois and one in 1904 in Charles City/Iowa. But they exist only one year.<BR>The "real" Cole Car Comp. were in Indianapolis/Indiana from 1909 to 1925. They started with a smaller car with a 2cyl. engine and a 90" wheelbase. From 1910 they built 4 cyl. cars and in 1913 they started with a 6 cyl. with 40 hp and a wb of 132". No small car! In 1916 they had their first V8 cyl. car with 39hp and a 127" wb. The engine was manufactured by GM. In 1920 the Cole had now 80hp and this power have not changed until the end of the company. From 1916 Cole built only 8 cyl. cars. They had a lot of different bodies and they built no chep cars. The price were between a Buick and a Cadillac but closer to a Cadillac.<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # <BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  17. At my 1912 Cadillac I have following problem: Today I made my first tour with this car since I have it. The engine runs very good but when the engine runs a while (1 to 3 minutes) in idle speed and I want to start the car then it seems that the mixture is too rich. The exhaust is a bit black and the engine does not pick up speed when I open the throttle. When I do it to much and fast the engine stops. When the car is running, everything is ok and also if I open the throttle very carefully and very slow. I can hear that there is not an ignition at every cylinder when I open the throttle. After a short while, all cylinder fire and the engine pick up speed.<BR>Could it be a problem of a too high gas level in the carburetor? <BR>Thanks for your help.<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # <BR>HCCA and MAFCA