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  1. As Peter said: You must visit the Black Hawk Collection. There are a lot of fantastic car with special bodies. Even a Bugatti Royale. The BHC is in Danville/CA. It is around 1 hour from San Francisco over the Bay Bridge. On their website there is a map with driving directions. <BR>Also the Imperial Auto Collection in the Imperial Palace Casino in Las Vegas is great. The collection is on the 5th deck on the parking garage if I remember right. The access is through the casino via elevator.<BR>Another very nice car museum is the National Automobile Museum in Reno. This is different to the other two and they have cars from the early years of cars to the 70s. They start with the oldest and during your tour through the exhibition you came to the younger cars. This museum is near downtown of Reno.<BR>Have a lot of fun there, John. I had it.<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  2. Old cars? Just a hobby? Not for me. I live with and for old cars. It is not the only thing in my live but a main one. I grow up with old cars so this says all, or? <P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  3. Larry:<BR>I know one more reason why a drive shaft can vibrate but I think this is not the reason of your vibration of the shaft but I would like to tell it here. I had this problem at a 1958 Impala. It had the same vibration like your car but an other reason: There was on one side of the driveshaft an undercoating. This was so thick that the shaft started to vibrate because it was out of balance. I removed it and: No vibration. I think your drive shaft is clean all the way, or?<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  4. Dear Ron.<BR>We use this plug : Bosch D 7 BC. I don't know if you can convert that? I have to check how many room there is but I am afraid not too much because the CR is 5 to 1. It is a lot for this time, I think.<BR>Hmm, Hershey... My room in Lebanon is booked since months but at the moment I am a bit low with my money, I must say. The dollar is very high and my cars cost more as I can earn with it. Perhaps when I can sell my 1912 Cadillac for a good price then I can say: Yes, I go to Hershey and have a look for a new car. I plan also to make a small business here with classic cars, spare parts and accessories for classic cars. So I need a bit money for this. I will see... Now it is not the end of August and who knows it: Maybe my stocks will be more worth in the future...<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  5. Hi Ron.<BR>We changed all ignition cables recently but I found another thing: The plug threads in the head are longer as the threads at the plugs. Maybe it is a problem that the plug is too far away that they can not ignite the gas? But plugs with a long thread will hit the piston or valves said our mechanic... Maybe there is a very special plug for these Super Six engines? confused.gif<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  6. Thanks for the tip, Phil but I changed already the plugs between the cylinders. I have to search again. By the way: Yesterday after a 15 miles tour with 5 cylinders I cleaned the plugs and then it run 15 miles with 6 cylinders but it seems that the engine starts with some faulty ignitions. I inspected the plugs and saw that plug one and three was a bit moist with a smear sticky film on the bottom of the thread but they still fire because the other parts in the plugs were dry.<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  7. Hello my friends.<BR>We have this problem with our engine of our 1918 Hudson Super Six: Since we have the car we have the problem that the first spark plug is wet and makes no spark, of course. When I clean the plug and screw it in and we drive, then sometimes we have luck and then it works but very often the plug is wet after a short while and even when I remove it and clean it, it does not work. Then sometimes we can drive 20 miles with no problems. The 2nd plug is absolutely dry, the 3rd shows a bit moisture, 4 and 5 is dry, too and the last one is a bit wet but it has a spark. <BR>We checked the 1st plug if it has a spark and it has. The engine was rebuild recently with new valves and head gasket. Every cylinder has a good pressure. BUT the car has not the original carburetor. Is has a Stromberg OC 2 with an electric fuel pump. Maybe this is the problem that the engine needs the orig. carb? Or is it even a problem that the engine gets too much oil? Because the gauge shows in idle speed 3 but it should shows 1 to 1 1/2. <BR>HELP!!<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  8. Ron:<BR>That sounds very nice. Made a nice 20 miles in the night at 10.30 with my 1912 Cadillac soem weeks ago. But I was alone (sigh). Some saw me with my car and thought that I must be crazy to drive with such an old car in the darkness. But my Cad has bright lights. I think I have to drive more at this time because there were only a very few traffic.<BR>Thanks Ron that you share this night with us. <P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA<p>[This message has been edited by ThomasBorchers (edited 08-14-2000).]

  9. Thank you very much you all. I am afraid that my friend decided that he don't want to buy this car. He bought it at an EBAY auction and of course he didn't see the car. After a while the seller told more and more bad things about the car. After the deal, of course...<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  10. I have a friend who is thinking about to buy a 1959 Cadillac sedan in USA. But the chrome of the bumbers is not the best. Can someone tell what the average price to rechrome bumbers in a good quality is in USA?<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  11. It is of course the question which year the Moon was but here are some general information about the Moon cars.<BR>Moon cars were built in St.Louis/Missouri from 1905 to 1929 by Joseph W. Moon who died in 1919. The first Moon was a 5p touring car with 30/35hp engine. The Moon was called "The Ideal American Car". 1913 came the first six cylinder car and from 1916 to the end were all Moon 6 cylinder or later even 8 cylinder cars. In 1924 the Moon cars got hydraulic brakes by Lockhead. Moon built also the Diana cars from 1925 to 1928. They had a straight 8 Continental engine. Moon built also cars with a large wheelbase up to 132". In 1929 the Moon Company started with 2 new cars: The Windsor and the Ruxton. The final end of the Moon Company, Windsor and Ruxton was then in 1930. <BR>Could it be that her husband had one of the later Moons like the 1928 Aerotype Model 6 or 8?<BR>Hope this helped you a bit.<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  12. Hi you all.<BR>I remember that I was in school not the first one who said: "Take me, take me". Some things change after a while... Here in the forum I answer questions if I can, make remarks to some post and have a lot of questions. I like to help people with their classic car problems, if I can. In Germany one website use now also the UBB system. That works. Not so much as in USA but it grows. I try to animate the people to talk with each other like here. It takes some time... rolleyes.gif<BR>All the best wishes to this forum and the lot of guys who helped me in the past. I hope that I will get this in the future, too. I would like to reciprocate this with one or two articles for the Antique Automobile. One article about a pre 18tour and one about collecting classic cars in Germany. Takes a bit time but it will come. I hope you will like it.<P><BR>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA<p>[This message has been edited by ThomasBorchers (edited 07-28-2000).]