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  1. Hmmm, seems that this is difficult. Have you checked your automatic advance system? Sometimes the weights do not move outwards at a higher engine speed. That means you set your timing correct at idle speed but if the engine speeds up the weights don't advance the timing if they are not moving outwards. The second thing could be: Have you checked the water holes in the block if they are all free? Perhaps this could help.<P>Thomas <P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  2. Who can say me how I can get a 2nd try for my July/August issue of the Antique Automobile. It seems that it is lost in the mail and I would like to have it but the headquarter has no Email address, or? Phone is not so good for me.<BR>Thanks.<P>Thomas<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  3. Hi Tom. <BR>Are you a fan of German cars? Because you know a lot of them.<BR>Yes the Maybach is very fine. grin.gif We own a 1937 Maybach SW 38 with Pullmann body by Spohn. But this is of course no Zeppelin. Here is a DS 8 for sale at the moment. $ 700,000 and it is yours.<P>Thomas

  4. I know only one car which is called "Zeppelin". These cars were built by Maybach in Ludwigshafen/Germany. They had a lot of different special bodies and there was also a "Sportcabriolet" around 1935. Maybe you mean these cars? If yes, I can give you a lot of information about these cars.<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  5. Oh, Ron made a post in the meantime...<BR>Ron:<BR>Yes, DKW built a 3 cylinder engine. This is correct but not from the beginning. The 3 cyl engine was first used after WWII in 1953 in the DKW F 91. This Model was planned for the year of 1940 but the was this §"%&%/ war. The 3 cyl engine was built until 1966. There were a lot of nice cars. One sport coupe was the DKW 1000 SP but the correct name was Auto Union 1000 SP but the people used always "DKW". This car was a bit a copy of the 1956 Thunderbird. It has only a 55HP engine but the weight of the car was only 2100 pounds. So the car was realy fast and picked up speed very good. The 3 cylinder engine runs very nice so in the year of 1955 the DKW get the name 3=6 because the engine run so smooth like a 6 cylinder. We have a 1937 DKW with only 20 HP and I have problems to follow my father in this car with my Model A. <BR>Yes, Hershey. Sigh. frown.gif I am very tired about that but: Hej, there will be in one year the next Fall Meet and I think that I should make it than. Ron, I send you a photo. grin.gif<BR>I am very interesting to meet you all and see Ricks garage but... you know. <P>Thomas<BR><p>[This message has been edited by ThomasBorchers (edited 09-19-2000).]

  6. Tom:<BR>You are correct with the 2 cyl. engine of the DAF: I forgot this. Did you know that the DAF lived longer than 1975 as a Volvo 66? The DAF 66 became a Volvo in 1975 and was produced until 1980.<BR>NSU was never a part of the "real" Autounion. The Autounion has as the sign the 4 rings as you know. In 1969 NSU and Audi became Audi NSU Autounion AG but in fact at this time every one nows only NSU or Audi. Since 1965 there were no longer an Autounion car produced. The new name was than Audi 60. From 1958 to 1965 DKW was owned by Daimler Benz. But this is an other story.<BR>It is a bit confusing the hole story but not a part of the question.<BR> <P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  7. There was never built a DAF by Auto Union (later Audi) the DAF was built in Holland (you know it was a dutch car) from 1958 to 1975 and it has a 4cyl engine.<BR>If it could be that the name of the car is DKW then we are on the right track with Auto Union (later Audi). This car has a 2 cylinder 2stroke engine. If you have more questions feel free to mail me or ask me here.<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA<p>[This message has been edited by ThomasBorchers (edited 09-18-2000).]

  8. Novaman:<BR>Thanks for your kind words. I would like to come to Hershey this year but I am afraid that my account doesn't like that. I am also very busy with my business. Usually I buy one or two cars at Hershey but this year the Dollar is too expensive and just to come to Hershey to visit friends and the show would be very nice but a bit too luxurious for me this year. Could be that I will have one chance but this is not sure.<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  9. Thanks you all. Yes, you have right: Old cars are sometimes like women. Like my Model A if "she" grin.gif has not such a good day, the engine runs not perfect or from one to the next minute the engine lost its idle. I understand. Sorry to the nice real ladies out there. smile.gif<BR>Novaman: I live in Germany but I am a 50% US American in my heart. Sometimes my spelling/grammar don't know that. grin.gif<BR>Oh yes, at our 1955 Eldorado I can see at the front "dagmars" that it (she) confused.gif is a woman.<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA<p>[This message has been edited by ThomasBorchers (edited 09-08-2000).]

  10. Thanks Jan.<BR>I think it is the senior model as far as I can see on the photos. And it has no name on it. It has the original packing with instruction in German on it. This says that it is an universal one for all cars. The man was thinking about DM 500,-. To much, I mean.<BR>Thomas<BR><P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  11. Old cars sell themselves here like hot cakes? Who, where, what? I can speak for Germany and in these days it is very hard to sell a car. If I try to sell a car I offer it very often. Cars from USA are too expensive since the Dollar is so high. A Ford Model A is much more expensive as in Germany or cars from the 50s. There could be a chance for rare cars but it is not easy. Cars between 1915 and 1928: Forget it. The cars from 1933 to the fifties: Only a very few chance. The cars from these years are great and also all pre war/brass cars but the market here is not ready for these cars at the moment. Maybe in the future. My goal is it to show that it is very nice to travel with these cars but it is not easy. There are a lot of prejudices. Difficult to drive, hard to get parts and a lot of more. Maybe the chance is better at the market of Denmark/Sweden/Norway.<BR>What kind of car would you like to sell?<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA<p>[This message has been edited by ThomasBorchers (edited 09-05-2000).]

  12. I have here in Germany an offer of an universal Boyce Motometer which was used on Cadillac, Hudson and several other cars around 1920. This one is new. Never used. What could I pay for such a Motometer? I have no idea.<BR>Thanks.<BR><P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  13. As Tom said: Hershey in a day? No chance. In all of the days I haven't seen all. I can remember me that as I came the first time from the parking of the high school what I said: Oh my god!!! I have never seen something like this before. And yes, wear a hat when it is sunny. I didn't that and the result was my new name for the next day: Red Head. Last year the weather was perfect, I mean. Next day: With hat! My feet were aching. Uhhh. But as Tom said: Hershey is like an addiction. You have to come again.<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  14. It's a pitty that I have only a 1956 Special so I think changing these lamps are different to the 55. At my 56, the easiest way is to remove the top of the dash board. So then there is access to every light bulb inside. Perhaps you have to ask the guys at the BCA forum, if no one have an answer here but I think we will get the answer here. <P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA

  15. First trip to Hershey. You will like it!! I am not the Hershey specialist, of course but I can give you some information about my last trip last year. The show will open at 7 am and close at sunset. Car field? You mean the car corral? It is open from Wednesday to Saturday. No admission charge but charge for parking (last year $7,- to $8,-). There are a lot of signs which show you the way where you can park.<BR>The first thing you should do when you arrive on the fields is to buy a catalog of the show. Last year there was at the car corral an information center where I bought the catalog, if I remember right. This catalog is a must especially for the first visit. There is a schedule of events in it and a map of the show. But the most important for you will be the full register of vendors with parts and so on. If you are looking for Model A parts you can look under "Ford Model A" and you will find the vendors with the location where you can find them. On the fields it is not so that you can find that one row is Model As one Row is Packard or. It is all mixed. Take a good pair of shoes with you grin.gif<BR>Was this correct, my friends of the forum?<BR>I wish you a lot of fun there.<P>------------------<BR>Thomas Borchers<BR>Member of AACA # 004829<BR>HCCA and MAFCA