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  1. You're only a tiny bit off on the year. It was first published in 1951 and used as the theme to the Buick-Berle Show from '53 to '55.
  2. Hello all. I'm trying to help a friend find a Radiator Outlet (water inlet heater return pipe) GM # 24570500 for a 1992 Buick Skylark 2.3L 4-cyl. The part was a dealer-only item and has been discontinued. Unfortunately, I do not have a photo of the actual item, but the item is part #4 on the attached illustration. Please PM me if you can be of assistance. Thank you.
  3. I'm out east, near Irwin in Westmoreland Co.
  4. The closed car in the first and third picture looks like a 1922 to 1925 Ford Model T tudor. The car in the second picture looks like a 1928 or 1929 Ford Model A Fordor.
  5. Poor form Bob. Very poor form. When you should be impressed that your car scored a 398 out of 400 and you learned something you didn't know about your car, you stoop to name calling and intimidation. Your car is absolutely beautiful and you did a great restoration. But no one knows everything about everything, no matter how old they may be. This is the kind of age-ism that keeps younger people out of the club. How often is it that you find a person who knows much about anything that came a generation before they were born. Shame on you for your sour attitude toward someone who tried to make the hobby better.
  6. Originally your Special had a rubber mat in the front. I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to go to a full carpet. I'd look for a Daytona weave carpet as it is the closest to what was originally used in '57 Buicks. Carpet for a 2-door Century would work just fine.
  7. I can't remember if these are supposed to be painted or left "raw." Any help is appreciated.
  8. There is a vaccum pump built into the oil pump on the '57 and '58 Buicks. Not sure about later. There is also a vaccuum reserve tank usually on the back side of the inner fender near the antenna. I've seen some resto-mod Buicks of this vintage with an electric wiper motor subsituted for the vaccuum motor but the drawback is that you'd lose functionality of the cool wiper switch. I do know that some GM cars of the 80's had an electric vaccuum pump under their hoods. You might be able to locate an old Chevy Celebrity or Pontiac 6000 and pull one of these to use as a secondary vaccuum source. Best of luck!
  9. A few months ago (must have been the fall) my mom and my younger brother said that they saw a car "just like mine but it was pink and white" at the Giant Eagle Supermarket in Irwin, PA. I thought yeah, uh-huh, it was probably a DeSoto or Chevrolet or something. Well, yesterday April 3, lo-and-behold, what is traveling in the opposite direction on Clay Pike, between Irwin (15642) and Herminie (15637) but a 1957 Buick Century 4-door in Shell Beige and Dover White. We were both doing about 40MPH so I couldn't ascertain if it was a Model 63 (hardtop) or a Model 61 (sedan) but it was definately a 1957 Buick Century 4-door, and a pretty one at that! As I own 2 1957 Buick Century Model 63 Riviera Hardtops, I thought it would be cool to meet someone else in the local area who has one too! If anybody has seen this car and knows the owner, feel free to forward my info along to him (it's in the roster) or ask me for it.
  10. It would be neat if Buick could hybrid all their cars and badge them as "Electra." Lacrosse Electra, Lucerne Electra, Enclave Electra?
  11. I went to the auction today at 9:30 AM. Gave the car a thorough checking out. The Electra 225 had the Custom trim and just under 62,000 miles. Original paint, top and upholstery; Black Buick floor mats. Included was a 1973 chassis service manual and original license plate frames. Power windows, power seat, power locks, cruise control, AM-FM, cold AC, possible and probable factory undercoating. Original Guide headlights. Only noticable flaws were mismatched tires front to rear, pitting on rear tail light trims, scuff on the front bumper moulding, shrunken white trim in the bumper moulding, and two 3-inch splits in the driver's side door panel arm rest. Opening bid was 10,000 but quickly dropped to 3,000 and was bid up to 4,000. Winning bidders were a group of kids (aged 19 to 21) looking like members of Jesse James' Monster Garage. One girl said they were going to give it to her dad for Father's Day. I hope the car found a good home but I have a sinking feeling about it. I would have bid it higher but I really didn't want to dump that much money into a car I really don't need.
  12. Wow! These are all great ideas and tips. I knew I could find some great info from you guys. The resourcefulness and inginuity of restorers never ceases to amaze me.
  13. I spotted what looks to be a very nice 1973 Buick Electra 4-door hartop at the Goodwill Auto Auction in Irwin, PA. The car is dark blue with a white vinyl top and white vinyl interior. I didn't study it too long because I was technically tresspassing but it had AM/FM and AC. I can't remember if it had cruise and power locks but I'm pretty sure it had power windows. The auction yard opens at 9:30AM on Tuesday, May 12 and bidding starts at 11:00AM. Opening bid for this car will be a minimum of $250 and a $100 refunable bidders card is required. Here is a link to Goodwill's site giving their info. http://www.goodwillpitt.org/retailServices/auto_auction.jsp This car looks very nice and in need of just a little TLC but not much. I'd buy it but I'd be shot by my family. Hope a BCA member will get it and enjoy it.
  14. It's long past time for me to build a workbench in my 2 car garage. How did you guys build yours? Did you anchor it to the wall, to the floor? Both? Any tips on plans, materials, etcetera would be greatly appreciated.
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