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  1. The A/C system is only blowing air out of the floor vents, nothing from the dash vents in any setting. Is there by chance a fuse that could cause this, or is it a mechanical problem? Before I take it to the shop would appreciate any advice or knowledge that is out there in this fine Group.. Thanks in advance Hank, in Biloxi Ms. where we are cruising the coast with over 8,000 registered vehicles this year.
  2. Its Been awhile, My 91 has a busted transmission shift cable. Do any of you fine people happen to know where or who might have one? Thanks Hank
  3. Marck. White, burgandy interior, black moulding, red pin stripe no 16 way seats could not see dash well enough to tell if there was a CD Hank
  4. Friend called this AM to alert me of a white 90 coupeparked besideI-10 in Moss Point Ms. for sale $ 2,400 OBO car is clean talked to the owner by phone ,known problems, dash /instrument panel does not work, one headlight door is inop. one window doesn"t always work, paints good so are tires, millage is approx 100,000 , he needs a larger car. VIN 1G4EC13CXLB9000580.his phone No. 228-627-9435(cell) Home 228-207-2153 Hank
  5. Am looking to put new tires on my 91 coupe, since the Eagle GA is out of production and any that are out there are at least 6years old. I dont want to go there. Talked to Goodyear and they recommended the Assurance Comfort Tred Touring , a premium tire offering a smooth quiet ride and refined handling. the GA's did not specify a tread life and were good for 25 to 30 k . this tire has a tread life of 70k. and is decribed as, Dual comfort zone in the tread and sidewall, a special comfort layer in the tread,ComfortEdge sidewalls. an asymmetric tread, and wide circumferential groves . price 109.95 a tire this week at the local store. Any one used these tires? I have over the years used a Brigestone touranza, that were harder than rocks, and presently on this car is a set of continental touring ,which also feel a little stiff to me. Opinions??? Hank
  6. Barney, at exit 57 on I-10 in Mississippi is a place called "The Shed", its about a quarter of a mile to the north on the left side. It looks like a dump but has some of the Best BBQ, ribs in the country they have won major competitions nation wide. Hank
  7. ddb307: Welcome to Reatta world from Biloxi. Did you buy this car from Barry's U Pull It ? Whether you did or not They also have yard in Gulfport. Last time I was there a couple of months ago they had 3 Reattas on the lot an 88 and two 89's Two of them have tan interiors. Check with Richard Schmidt (manager)of the mobile lot who can help get info on the gulport cars, I briefly talked to him a week or so ago and he could not recall if there were any Reatta's or riv's on the mobile lot. I have a 91 silver and gray,so I didn't look too closely at interior parts that were there. Hank
  8. Kevin, Having my 91 repainted and striped last year by a an outstanding local body man $2500.00 is about the minimum for a really quality job. Mine looks like new. and is a head turner, being silver it is easy to see shoddy work. there is none on this car. the history of this car was checked clearcoat from what appears to be some old collision damage, and a poor repaint. now looks better than the 91 I sold prior to Katrina that was immaculate, but went under 34ft of water in the storm surge of the hurricane .Best of luck .Hank
  9. Went to the local buick shop today to ask about the availability of the "new 2 seater" was greeted with blank stares..Was told that no one has heard of the car ,but that even the Lucerne 2009 model was being put off till 2010, which means that only the La Cross and Enclave will carry the buick name this year, Have an Enclave, parked next to the 91 Reatta, but would order the the new two seater in a heartbeat if were to be available. portholes? If I remember right the number of portholes on buicks matched the level of the model not engine size, Roadmaster=4 holer, Century/supermixed ,Special ,3 holer,and all had straight eights prior to 1953. Hank
  10. Hank

    CD R&R

    Sorry Padgett but the bezel around the instrument panel has to come off followed by the knee bolster, and then the two screws are exposed, an afwul lot of removel to do what should be a simple job, Hank
  11. Barney , The long range track has shifted to the south and Chopus Cristi looks to be landfall center. If the system comes into the gulf any further south of the forecast, Brownsville may be in for it, and Georgetown may not even see the heavy rain.
  12. Barney. Get ready to get wet,The latest long range forecast has Ike in your neighborhood late Sat. nite and most of the day sunday. You should get no more than thirtyish gusts and lots of rain as the system passes just to the south of Georgetown
  13. The Instrument panel bezel needs to be removed, followed by the knee bolster,that will open the area where the two screws are. Hank
  14. Janell. Downtown Radio Service Inc.1705 Orr Industrial Court, Suite B. Charlotte N.C. 28213- 6464. 1-800537-0116 Ask for doug. They Have repaired My 91 Cassette and CD player on seperate ocassions Less than $200.00 each time including shipping and fast turnaround, very pleasant folks to do business with. Hank
  15. 91 fsm page 10-1-24 shows the following. Manual can be accessed through the site. Ft Bumber to FT body panel , 7mm,+-1.0mm, flushness +-1.5 Ft body panel to hood, 2.0mm,+-1.0mm, Flushness.......... Hood to headlamp door, 7.0mm+1.5,-0.0, flushness +0.0,-1.5 hood to fender,4.0mm,+1.5,-0.0,flushness, +0.0,-1.5 door to fender,5.0mm,+-1.0,flushness,+0.0,-1.5 door to qtr panel ,50.mm,+-1.0, flushness,+0.0,-1.5 decklid to qtr panel ,5.0mm, +-1.5 Flushness ,+0.0,-1.5 measurement between fender at back side of hood hinge,(back of short leg) 59 3/4 inches. Measurement between fenders at back edge of headlights, 56 3/4 inches Hope that helps... Hank
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