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  1. I've got a friend with me in Hershey. He's a senior master judge and forgot to register to judge. Are more judges need? If so, what should he do?
  2. It was Don Kitchen's 1929 Franklin that triggered my interest in Antique Automobiles. Here's when it started sometime in 1956! That's me sitting on the left front fender with mom holding on to me! Don's son on the other fender! All are still aroun and going strong.
  3. Dick, The Model K that was at the Tioga Region Show yesterday is the same car that was on display at the AACA Museum.
  4. The McCord Catalog says: 28-30 Lincoln
  5. McCord No. 5773 Packard #210441 Fits 1930-1933 Packard Models: 740, 745, 840, 845, 903, 904, 1003, 1004
  6. O.K. Bill, DF get together and meting spot at Hershey! Wednesday, Tursday and Friday Evening at Hershey. Spaces CS 12-16. I'll have a few extra packages of hot dogs to throw on the Barbe for anyone that wants to stop by. Be prepared to get your picture taken. This will be a very informal get together. I'll have plenty of chirs to rest your weary bones.
  7. Matt, It was wonderful to meet you and your family at the banquet. My hat is off to Pat and the whole team ftom GVACS and Wayne Drumlins for a wonderful meet. Someone was watching out for us all with respect to the weather. I got soaked loading the Met on the trailer Sunday morning, but I've been wet before. Some think I'm all wet all the time! I'd like to volunteer my flea market space at Hershey for a DF get together Wed, Thursday or Fri evening or maybe all three. We'll all talk about that as Hershey approaches.
  8. Response to Dick Griswold. Endicott,NY is 110 Miles from Canandaigua by this Route. Route 17/86 to Owego Route 96 to Spencer Route34/224 to Montour Falls Route14 thru Watkins Glen to Geneva Route 5/20 to Canandaigua. Happy Travels, We're leaving this morning. Friday.
  9. Dick, See my response to the route to Canandaigua in the 2010 Eastern Spring Meet topic! Steve
  10. 1928 Dodge Victory six starter is a Northeast Model SBH Type 604. This info is from the National Service Data Book. Sorry but my interchange book only goes back to 1930.
  11. Oh, how Hershey has changed! FOR THE BETTER! Here's some flea market pictures from sometime in the early to mid 1990's. Not sure of the year. Notice the ducks swimming in the first photo. The second photo is the road in front of my flea market spaces in row CS. It's so nice now all on blackto!
  12. Maybe a slightly dolled-up 1938 Oldsmobile?
  13. Tony Perhaps there should be a standard deduction for WRINKLES.:eek: OOps, Remember we're judging cars, NOT Owners!
  14. Right Front Fender for 1970 Olds Toronado. It's a little travel worn from going to Flea Markets, but it's in great shape. $150 OBO. At Spaces CS 12-16. It will not be there till Tuesday evening.
  15. 300 Acres is 1,452,000 Sq Yards Football Field is 12 yards X 53.5 Yards = 6,420 Sq Yards Therefore Hershey is the size of 226.168 football fields. There you go! See what a bored mind can come up with!
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