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  1. Dave, Looks like you still need to find the illusive "Kleenex Tissue Dispenser" that goes under the dashboard below the glovebox door. If interested, let me know. Bill Renico
  2. John-John, Please send me a list of what you have left.......Sorry I've been so late in response, cancer treatment has been nasty.. Thanks buddy, Bill Renico BCA#12434 / BDE#22 / ROA# 7997 Billrenico@aol.com
  3. Ed & BJM, The 2 sets of chrome wheels I have at home had both the silver inserts, & the black inserts. Personally, I like the silver insert. I took mine that I had purchased for my '83 convertible & refreshed them using the "Argent Silver" in a rattle can. When I started to prep the wheels, I cleaned the old silver off using lacquer thinner....This cleaned everything off........Underneath the silver paint, I found some very nice chrome where the silver had been applied. I decided to just reapply the "Argent Silver" to the center of the wheel & leave the outer areas in their nat
  4. John, Please send me a copy of your '63-65' Riviera parts for sale to... Billrenico@aol.com Thanks, Bill
  5. Chuck, I didn't see your Riv in any of the pics... If you know of anyone that is interested in my '65 Riv, I'm considering putting it up for sale. Got some health issues staring at me.... Bill
  6. The frame on my '83 Riv Convertible is a black satin looking paint. You can still see an off white color stamp in the left frame rail. Can't remember exactly what is says. Also the floor pans are gray/white in color, and are original.
  7. My '65 is Shell Beige with saddle interior, & no vinyl roof. I've had many positive comments on the color combo.
  8. Don, As a retiree from Buick in 1996, I felt I needed a book like this. I missed out on the 1st edition, but bought the 2nd edition at one of our Buicktown Chapter meetings in 2010. When I got home that night, I could hardly stop reading it. I didn't have a chance to see & compare the 1st & 2nd editions, but the 2nd edition sure is very informative. I especially enjoyed looking at the original plant layouts printed in black, & then the forcasted plant additions printed in red. Every plant that was shown, I've done some kind of computer work in. The information in each chapter was a
  9. Welcome Stephane, Your '65 Riv looks like it is the same color as mine (Shell Beige). They almost looks like twins. I'm sure you will enjoy it for many future years. Great choice. Sincerely, Bill
  10. A 55 Buick Century 4dr post car would make an awesome CHP (Calif. Hwy Patrol) clone. Black & white in color, decals, 2 spotlites, & a tall whip antenna on the left rear, a 2 way radio & siren.... Awesome, awesome, awesome..............
  11. Ed, Happy Holidays to you & your family. Many thanks for helping out with the parts to fix my '83 Riv that was hit by semi truck in a parking lot. Ron from Wright Bros Collision in Grand Blanc, MI. was extremely impressed with his dealings with you too. Again thanks for being there to help. Sincerely, Bill Renico Grand Blanc, MI
  12. Thanks Dick for the safe Holiday wishes. Hope you guys have the same. Hope all of you have also avoided the heavy rains out there. Sincerely, Bill Renico (aka Buicklover
  13. Bring Lamar to the liar's club lunch on Thursday.............We'll feed him full of (YOU KNOW WHAT)........
  14. I have one of the numbered Reatta cutaway pictures we had for the show in Flint. It is a numbered picture....# 18 of 100 by a Dan K (can't really figure out his last name spelling). Very interesting piece of art. It is a red coupe with tan leather interior, with grey matte & a black frame. It has been hanging in my garage for several years. Does anyone have an idea what it might be worth to a Reatta collector? Thanks,
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