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  1. We are in the process of a ground up restoration and have found that the front bumper and brackets to the frame are not correct. Would any of you be able to assist us in locating the correct parts? Don & Micky Bohne Crosby TX
  2. John, We received ours, here in Crosby TX, today. Don & Micky
  3. Last year we were parked down in the field across the highway from the car corral. After driving our 1914 Metz (friction drive, 2 wheel brakes) from where we were parked all the way to the highway, the state trooper posted at the end of the road said we would be arrested if we drove the car out onto the highway to get to the show field! Needless to say, we didn't go to Hershey this year. We realize that the money is in the vendor spaces, but it would be nice if a little more consideration was given to the brass era cars that may not drive quite as well as their sales brochure said they would. Don & Micky Bohne
  4. Barry Walker is the gentleman's name that owns the Marathon factory building in Nashville. He purchased the 1912 K-20 came from a collection of cars in upper New York state and the 1914 Runner from a man in Houston. We are restoring a 1912 model K-20 and spent a few days with Barry going through his vast collection of information on the designers and founders of the Marathon automobile. The Marathon was built from 1908 through 1914, succumbed to poor management, and was taken over by a former sales firm, Herff-Brooks from Indiana who went on to manufacture their own car for a few more years. We know of 5 Marathons in the US and 1 in Australia. Don & Micky Bohne
  5. Gents<BR>A quick note about balancing engines when changing parts relative to the rotating mass. A good rule of thumb is that if the throws on the crank are opposite i.e. 2, 4, 6 or 8 throws, it is not necessary to rebalance the rotating assembly when changing pistons. It is only necessary to make sure that the pistons, rings, pins, locking devices and small ends of the rods all weigh the same. The reason for this is that there is an equal weight opposite for each cylinder. The large problem exists where crank throw angles are not equal and opposite. <BR>In cases where crank throws are equal, it is only necessary to make sure that you balance all of the rotating components such as crank, the front parts w/hardware, the flywheel, the clutch and hardware less the discs. The exception to this rule is V-8 engines or aircraft radial engines. The latter being the most difficult. <BR>If you would like to get into this further e-mail me.<P>Don
  6. Gentlemen<BR>Thanks for the advice. We are still undecided, even though we think Howards idea is the best. With the baffles in the tank and the baffles having 3/4" diameter holes, putting some type of media in the tank for shaking purposes, the media may get trapped behind the baffles. However, we may try the chain and vacuum approach.<P>No Ron, I'm not from Nashville. That would be Barry Walker. We are Don and Micky Bohne from Houston, fellow judges, formerly of Wellsville NY. We've had our Marathon for about 15 years. Its a model K-20. Barry has a similar one he got from an estate in upper NY and a newer model I believe he got out of Texas. We have just started the restoration, having just finished a '14 Metz. We'll gladly keep you informed of our progress. <P>Thanks again.
  7. I've removed the gas tank from the car and would like to know what the best way to clean and seal the inside of the tank would be? The tank hasn't had anything in it for at least 30 years, maybe 40. Its completely dry and is in real good shape; no dents or bruises and appears to have baffles on the inside.
  8. Donald Bohne life member #090022<BR>Maureen Bohne life member #090022S
  9. Bill<BR>My 1910 has a Kingston 5 ball carb. I'll take a look around, I might have a used one.<BR>Don
  10. We agree with 3MP and Ronbarn. There is nothing secret about judging or the judges newsletter. In fact there are some very interesting articles that would benefit showing members who have never judged. If too much space would be wasted by publishing it as it is, change the format and only publish the text, leave out the registration information. Trust Ronbarn to take care of this, after his many years as a judge, he is an accomplished politician! As senior master judges, we have seen him in action, both as a judge and an arbitrator.<BR>Don
  11. Rick,<BR>I wanted to let you know that Wayne Simoni at Classic Autopart Restoration in CA made a perfect set of bearings identical to the originals. I know that I could have submitted to more modern techniques, but using the original configuration is a lot more satisfying. The kind of driving this car will get on our highways of today, the bearings will surely be sufficient.<BR>
  12. I agree w/Impala also. If excessive material was removed from the caps in order to keep the hole round when lineboring and honing, the centerline distance between the cam and the crank is reduced causing excessive chain slap. I also agree that 6 degrees sounds excessive and would investigate the connection between the camshaft and the distributor as well.<BR>
  13. Rick,<BR>Yes the inner race is part of the gear, it was form ground originally to fit a 3/4" diameter ball, that part of the bearing is still usable. It's the cup portion that is destroyed. I sent the cups to Wayne at Brass Auto in CA to look at for manufacturing, he thinks from the pictures he can make them. Thanks for you interest and please let me know if you find out anything. I'd still be interested to know if someone is selling them.<BR>Don
  14. Rick<BR>If you will send me your e-mail address, I'll send you pictures of the bearings. Thanks.<BR>Don
  15. Rick<BR>Thanks for the lead. I contacted Bearings, Belts & Chains and sent them a sample of the bearing cups that I had removed from the Brush differential. After their inspection they called and informed me that they had never seen this type of bearing before, nor did they have any leads to finding this vintage of bearing. They are returning my samples. So the hunt is still on. Thanks again.<BR>Don
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