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  1. thanks for all that have put their in put to my radio problem its real good info got a lot more to think about before i go ahead and delve into it. I have opened up the radio and it looks like it has never been out of the car looks like some of the tube are black on the top but my main concern was what do i need to do to get it working and you all have given me that much and more about the antenna. Thanks all this is great place to ask
  2. ty so much been trying to figure it out that is awesome i will try to find one
  3. hello im new to this forum stuff but i have a1940 Buick special convertible that has a radio in it that is not hooked up and i am trying to see if it will work but somebody cut the power end off the wire i do not know what type of end needs to go on there and the car does not have any where i see for an antenna to mount just looking for ideas about how to go about fixing these things. thanks for the help in advance
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