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  1. Hello, in the following period I will be more the "asking guy" but I would like to make a small contribution to the knowledge of this forum.Here is original tag from my 1939 lincoln Zephyr for Columbia overdrive differential.Should give many answers to some.Enjoy.
  2. To enhance the knowledge base (mainly for outside US Zephyr owners) Continental 17x1372 Li B 54 CONTI-Vis a good match for my ´39 Zephyr and should fit other man. years as well.It´s a proper smooth V-belt, not ribbed/cogged design. Cheap as chips too.
  3. Hello, I would like to ask for help. Can anybody provide nice clean pics of the original lever shocks installed on ´39 Zephyr? I purchased a very authentic and original ´39 from old LZOC member, and found out there are some more recent tube shocks installed. I would like to return this to original. So I´m looking for photos, info on original mounting points so I can find out if there were any mods dome to my chassis and if this is reversible change. Also looking for a set of very good Zephyr lever shocks suitable for a ´39 Let me know! Thank you!
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