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  1. Danny - thanks for wanting to help- on this occasion 2carb40 and myself have come to an amicable agreement and I’m really chuffed that I will soon be a proud owner of a rare 3.6.1 differential.
  2. Thanks for the update Gregg....good to hear from you. Im very lucky to have found an American Classic car specialist within 1 mile of my house. I never knew they were there until I bought my Buick. May as well send the crate and torque ball by sea freight. The address is Unit 5 and 6, Unity Court, Broadmead lane, Keynsham, Bristol BS31 1FU. When we know the approx weight and outer dimensions of the crate, I will ring around to get some shipping quotes. Please let me know at what stage you would like me to transfer funds to your bank. In the meantime, be careful of those rusty nails sticking out the crate...they could cause you a lot of harm! Cheers Kev
  3. I dont have any details on the chap who last owned my new acquisition, so if you have his details that would be great? I have agreed to pay 2carb40 $300 for his torque ball....seems fair enough but Im just a beginner at this. I assume Mark Webb is a mechanic on a mission to rebuild torque balls for the numerous Buick owners who need them? A high demand yet low supply situation which if correct, means that 2carb40 is looking after me very well Im trying to get hold of water pump for the old girl. The current one has too much play and hot water is leaking.
  4. Thanks Bloo. Thanks for chipping in and making comment. I’ve decided to buy torque ball from 2carb40 and he’s gonna crate it and ship to UK along with 3.6/1 rear end. PS. Do they still race dogs in your neck of the woods??
  5. I have tried to contact Elizebeth twice - leaving messages on her phone. Does anyone have a copy of Bobs spreadsheet which listed all the parts he had for sale?
  6. Just to let you know that Twocarb40 took pity on this naive English newcomer to the wonderful Buick family and has agreed to sell me a rare 3.6/1 diff. He is currently crating it up ready for me to price / organise the shipping from Minnesota to England. He also kindly offered to sell a NOS TORQUE BALL, but Im not sure if I will need this in addition to the Century 3.6/1 diff. What do you think, what would you advise?
  7. I received your response Leif - thank you. However, I am moving forward with a purchase of rear end from twocarb40. I still need a water pump so I will try and find Bobs original post from 11/17/2020. Hope Elizebeth will know what I’m talking about
  8. Hi Dave T or Greg J - not sure which name is correct? Thanks for your suggestion - much appreciated. The 39 Buick is my first classic car and I’m just realising that cars of this era were not meant to go much faster than 50mph without straining the engine. I’m not mechanicaly technical at all so It’s a bit hard for this simple Englishman to fully understand understand US lingo - sorry - but I think what you’re saying is you may consider removing a 3.9 differential and/ or 3.6 century part from your 1939 Buick Special and also torq ball (why not ? - I’m a pragmatist type not a purist) and selling to me, if the price was sufficiently attractive to you? But overall, you don’t want to risk any shipping to any US state in the north? Hope this is correct? Being based in England, I could transfer funds to a solicitor local for you both to hold in escrow - ie. until your solicitor approves transfer. If you have an alternative suggestion I’m happy to accommodate your preferred method of payment transfer. It’s in both our interests to ensure we both feel safe. Can you pls give me a clue - what price would be sufficiently attractive? I could throw in a free stay in England in our house as a family guest!! - 66, Bath Road, Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 1SP - UK the time difference: London is 6 hrs ahead of Minnesota. regards Kev Draper Mbl. 00 44 7810 343084
  9. What is the best method to look for a 1939 Buick gearbox having a 3.9/1 ratio? Search the various junk yards or can I place a wanted advert somewhere?
  10. I’ve received lots of advice but This is the most useful response I have received - many thanks 2carb40! Where would be the best sites to advertise ‘ wanted 3.9/1 ratio gearbox’
  11. Ha! Thanks for the advice - ear muffs or headphones! To increase top speed Someone else has advised to look for new ratio gear box instead of a Borg Warner overdrive. Any experience of these options Ben?
  12. A helpful member from Australia advises that it is indeed a fisher body
  13. Not sure Dave - I will read the manual later this week & revert
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