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  1. Hey edinmass! Thanks for the advice. I'll definitely check out those out. I saw their forums and didn't see much activity on the Buy/Sell but I'll see if I can find their FB group and chat. I did notice how heavy they are! And I'm totally up for saving a shell and making it a restomod if it would have otherwise gone to waste due to lack of parts to complete it. I'll keep on digging and thanks for the welcome and the tips! - Frederick
  2. Hi everyone, I'm a new student at the Hot Rot Institute in SD. I was looking at hopefully finding and restoring a 1933/1934 Pierce-Arrow as I find them beautiful, particularly the flow of the 836/1236. Would anyone happen to know or have one for sale in restorable condition (stripped or otherwise) that won't break the bank? Thanks! - Frederick
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