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  1. I have come upon many keyless entry fobs that look just like the 1991 Reatta fob, except for the front mfr logo. These have a multitude of FCC and part numbers. My original Reatta fob is P/N 22093186 and FCC GLQ926-1507. But there are Cadillac and Olds fobs P/N 22110687, 22100945, 10178734, 22094436, 22110689, 22100649 and an FCC ABO0502T. My question: Are these fobs interchangeable? Will they all work on the Reatta if programmed using the trunk programming wire? When replacing or adding a second remote fob, which ones are compatible with the Reatta? (1991 Black/Tan and 1989 White/Maroon). Thanks!
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