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  1. Thanks for the pics and advice Larry. I will attempt a disassembly and post my progress. Amazingly I searched brass mesh after your advice and I easily found someone selling it on eBay. I was sure it would be coming from the USA but they are actually 25 meters from the front door of my work. I've attached a pic from their site.
  2. Thanks for your reply. The vacuum tank on my car (although it was disconnected) was mounted in the same position as on the car in your pic. Below I have attached a pic of the mount with the vacuum tank removed but beside it. It fits perfectly. I'm no expert but I would say that the mount is original and made for the vacuum pump that was attached to it. What I particularly like about my vacuum pump (and this may not be original, is the glass inspection bowl at the bottom. Inside the bowl there seems to be some sort of filtration gauze. It has of course deteriorated and I wonder if it can still be bought. I think the reason I like it so much is that it reminds me of the glass inspection points that used to be on all the old petrol bowsers when I was a kid. I would love to hear from anyone who has any knowledge of these. It looks like the bowl is just held in place by the pressure exerted by the bottom screw which clamps the glass bowl against the housing. If I don't hear from anyone I will unclamp it and soak it in hot water to see if it will come apart. What is the best way to document this project here? Should I start a new thread? I have removed the radiator and it is off to be repaired. I want to post pics but not sure if I'm in the right section. Thanks everyone.
  3. Thanks for the welcome everyone. @edinmass cheers for the advice. First order of events will be restoring that old vacuum tank. Just by suggesting I search "Stewart Warner vacuum tank" you sent me down a rabbit hole for the evening. I will try to post pictures of most things I do to the car so member's can follow along if they wish.
  4. Hi All. Not sure why none of my text posted. I'm excited to have found this group. Basically I like old stuff and I found this 1924 Buick in a little town in Queensland, Australia called Maryborough (the writer of Mary Poppins was born there). It started its life on a cattle station in another small town in Queensland, Australia called Longreach. I wasn't sure what I would do with her but I figured at some point I would restore her. She is very close to running and I drove her a few times when I first got her. But I stopped driving her about 3 years ago when basically I ran into 3 problems. 1. The electric fuel pump stopped and the new pump and regulator I bought seemed to make the carb overflow (I didn't want a fire). 2. When trying to drain the radiator for a flush (on longer drives she would overheat) the drain tap broke and the radiator emptied. 3. The Diff started to leak (a lot). I used to work on my own cars back in the 80s when I couldn't afford a mechanic. Recently I have been doing this again because I haven't been able to find a suitable mechanic and I again have the time. But the surprise is I really like working on cars again. Partly because of the wonderful communities you can now find on the net. It's my intention now, to enjoy getting the Buick back into good enough mechanical condition to take her to some club days and events and then gradually restore her to her former glory. I know I can't contribute much yet but hopefully I can learn from all the knowledge here and eventually be able to help others and their old cars. Here are some pics.
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