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  1. So, they continued making them until 2017. Too bad they stopped making them. and thanks for the links to the old utes. Take care. Dan Lopez
  2. Did Holden make a 1957 Chevrolet ute like this one?
  3. Very nice. Resembles a Ford Fairlane.
  4. I appreciate all the information. Before I got this car I never heard of a Ute. So I have learned a lot and I can see where GM got the idea for the El Camino. I'm have a 66 El Camino also, did Holden make a GM ute in 66' ? Here is a picture of my 66' El Camino
  5. I believe you are right, They must have lowered the upper hinge on the swing doors. Thanks Dan Lopez
  6. Your right. It's not a Holden. I'll stop waisting your time. I wonder if there is a car club for fake Holden's? Just kidding. Thanks again for all the help and information. I really do appreciate it. Sincerely, Dan Lopez
  7. This where the rear cab wall meets the bed/side walls.inside and out. And the bin plate. Your right it doesn't have a GMH. It must be a copy that someone made here in the states. Dan Lopez
  8. I'll send you pictures of how cab and bed are attached inside and out. I have never seen a real one so I have nothing to compare it to. Thanks for your input. Dan Lopez
  9. I see what you're saying. The top on mine was chopped a couple inches that's why it has a one piece front window. I found these images online. The tan one looks like it has hinges on the side for swing doors and the yellow one has the extra side windows and the rear window like mine. But they may not be Australian also. I just got to the shop so today I will look on vin plate for the "GMH" Thanks again, Dan Lopez
  10. It does. Thank you I appreciate your help. Dan Lopez
  11. I found this on a Holden site showing the production numbers for 1937. You can see where they refer to half door and full door. I thought maybe they are referring to the rear door/doors.
  12. Thank you for responding and the good information. I added the 4 wheel disc brakes, the Corvette independent rear suspension and mustang 2 front suspension/rack and pinion steering. I also lowered the sides about 4 inches. I will look for "GMH" plate. So as far as you know they make them with the swing doors on the rear? Do you know what they are referring to when the say "1937 half door ute'? I saw one online and he called it a half door. Thanks again, Dan Lopez
  13. I recently bought what I believe is a 1937 Holden Ute. It is left hand drive. Can anyone help me identify if it is or not? I appreciate any information on these vehicles.
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