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  1. I tried to attach the video they sent when they got home of the engine running and it would load the file
  2. So I found a buyer. A 15 year old from Arkansas and he loves it and it ran.
  3. I don’t know much about Model A’s - I am having a challenge navigating this site and our numbers are 504-430-9662 and 601-740-0833
  4. For sale - asking $6000 OBO. This is my 76 year old fathers car that he last drove into garage we’re it sits now in 2009. Needs restoration. Clear title. Surface rust - except for 2 bolt holes 1 on each of 2 fenders that he says would need patch welding and a dent in a fender he says should/could be hammered out. Needs glass, braces for roof frame that hold wood frame (that he has parts of) that holds the leather section of roof and upholstery
  5. Yes that would be great but he is 76 and not in the best health and I don’t know how to do that so this is what it is
  6. It is my fathers car, the title is clear he drove it into the garage where it is parked at now in 2009 - there is a little service rust. And on two fenders there is a bolt hole that has some rust that he said should only require patch weld. And there is a dent in a fender that he said could be hammered out. As far as complete - he says it needs glass the braces for the roof frame and to be upholstered. I do have more pics but for some reason it only allowed me to load 3. I have 13.
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