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  1. These pics are all from parts car .
  2. The hand crank is there too along with the filler/cover.
  3. left rear fender apears to be only body damage. other spare tire cover and new brakes shoe's in the trunck/seat area.
  4. I did find that car through the searching I've done.
  5. I will post some pics later of them when I get back to them with phone . What I need to know is , is the roadster as rare as my grandfather said? ( 2 left east of the mississippi) and this was one of them, has been in the barn for 45yrs. As far as know this is a 100% complete car. The other is a four door, rolling chassis frame d-train assuming is a coup or roadster. I found this forum just searching for info on them, which is hard to find solid info. Thanks in advance for any help given.
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