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  1. I just located the REPAIR MANUAL LINCOLN V12 ENGINES H-SERIES 1936-1947 hardcopy. It also has the 1947 LINCOLN MODEL 76H OPERATOR'S MANUAL in the same bind. Within that it indicates that the door and steering lock keys are the one key and the glove and rear compartment keys are the other key ! OK, well, we have been tryin like hell with the key that does NOT fit the door. Arghh... Will look for the same document covering the owner's manual for the 1940 year and see what that says...
  2. Thanks for the comments so far ! I was using Fluid Film for lube.... Key question (pun intended) : Is it for sure on the 1940 Zephyr that the DOOR KEY is NOT the same as the IGNITION KEY ? I have both, and the door locks and unlocks with the one key, but neither key turns in the ignition. I also see a key slot for the glove box.....
  3. I will try both a different lubricant, and the shake method next time I am at the car (3 hrs away). Q: There must be a way to "hot wire" the ignition, no ? I just want to run the engine some since it has been quite a while (will probably swap out old gas for new as well). Then I will continue to try to free up the steering wheel / ignition key. Thanks !
  4. Definitely the right key. It had worked somehow about a year ago after the same issue, got engine started, and run a bit, but i was too slow to think/say "do not turn it off again!". So, it was intermittent, but now deteriorated to being more of a solid failure.... Seems this locking steering wheel is a thing...on a '41 at least :
  5. Key can be inserted and removed. Cannot turn clockwise to enable car start. Added bummer is the wheel has been turned thinking the locking mechanism is to blame...well, now it is locked and the wheel is turned enough I cannot push car out of garage. 😞 Any suggestions besides trying various lubricants ?
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