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  1. Hi. One turn out not enough quite no effect. Put 2 turns more out. Will try today.... Seems the Cruise o can be removed from the car whithout removing the motor, any tips ?
  2. I turned the inner screw in the vacuum inlet of the trans modulator 1 turn out. I assume that I need more vacuum effect in the modulator to shift in third so 1 turn out should allow more travel of the rod to the 'vacuum side' What do you think about that ? I'll try this evening and will let you know the results
  3. Hi. It's realy strange that the front oil leak at the trans that exhausts at the bottom of the converter case is obviously much more important if I shut the engine down after moving in reverse and then park rather than after moving in any drive position than put the trans in park. Any idea ?? I'll check the engine to trans bolts. JC
  4. Hi. Trans want to catch third when cold and above 30, higher when hot. Will check the line for leak and tune the modulator. JC
  5. Hi. The intake vacuum supply fitting has 3 outlet.... 1 to the trans. 1 plugged same size. 1 smaller that was open decreasing vacuum supply at modulator. Plugged it and will try if better.
  6. Thanks for inputs. I know the N D2 D1 L setup. Trans in D1 makes 1-2 basta... And in D2 is stuck in two. As I mentionned I did not rev the engine above 40mph in two as I have the car since few days and don't know its condition yet. I'll gradually speed up to see if it goes in third above 60-70mph as it should regardless of throttle amount. I thought regulator didn't have to be tuned when new. I'll check for vacuum level and leaks then try to tune the screw in the inlet.JC
  7. I have to check vacuum level but motor runs strong it should be OK. I drove around the block and on the street several times but didn't get above 40 mph by now as I don't know the car and don't want to make more damage.... I'll try faster next time
  8. I read here and there a trick to 'unlock' dirty valve body by adding a small amount of DOT in the trans oil... What's your thought about that ? I've bought yet the filter and seal for the pan, what should I schedule to buy if I go for cleaning the valve body and the governor valve body and everything I will be abble to reach ?
  9. Nice to have the sticker... And yes top has shrinked but anyway bows wouldn't align.... That is on the list...
  10. Hi, The trans is supposed to have been rebuild years ago before car was parked, for 5 years. I know that's what is waiting me but I wish I could tune something for the third. Fluid is clear red and don't smell burnt. Is it risky to drive in second up to 60 or 70 mph to check if third engages ? In the shop manual it's the top speed in WOT so it shouldn't hurt ? JC
  11. Hi The Merc-o-matic on my 65 Parklane (390-4V) has 2 main issues It won't go in third in any drive position (didn't try above 50mph for now) It has a strong oil leak at converter case when hot and in reverse ..... ? I changed the vacuum modulator and checked the kickdown linkage no issue, didn't tried yet to dial the modulator. Any help welcome ! JC
  12. Hi ! Nice color for your car ! Your top is very straight on the window line ! I don't seem to be abble to dial the n°2 bow low enough to get a straight line as yours.... Ok for all the infos about vacuum, I understand why it was disconnected maybe... I'll remove the unplugged tubes in the engine comp and will keep things as is, it seem to be the best choice... Thanks again for your help !! JC
  13. Just checked in the car it seems it's equiped with intermittent wiper device with a rotating knob end, vacuum actuated I suppose ?
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