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  1. I am trying to find out what I can about my Father-in-Laws Zephyr Convertible. It was purchased as a burned out basket case following a fire at a car show in San Antonio's Hemisphere Plaza, probably in the late 70s. FiL restored it, and it was again defiled by a hurricane. He's in his 80s and still working on the car, and I want him to know that all his blood, sweat, and tears have been worth the effort. The photo shown isn't terrific and I can get more if necessary. It shows my wife in the car following its initial restoration. The questions are: what year model is it? She thinks 42, but the grille is wrong. Others say 41. Also, how many Zephyr convertibles remain? I understand production for all year models combined was very low. Does anybody recall the fire to which I refer? Thanks, Kyle
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