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  1. OK OK OK.... one more try. Looks like the one for a 1950 may work but its out of stock.
  2. To be honest I am not passionate about the car. Not something I want to invest time in. My intention is to get it running and sell it. I don't throw anything away. I keep it just in case... Here are pictures of the old points. Points were shot. Nothing I could do about it. I would have kept it original if possible. Ordered points from Rock@uto and bought it from local parts store. In both cases it was backwards/reversed. Last picture is what I got. Maybe the distributor is not original or maybe the parts companies have it backwards. Anyone know where to get the right points for a 1949 Plymouth Special Deluxe?
  3. No. Still trying. Problem is I don't have a lot of time to play with it. Few hours every few weeks is all I got. We put new plugs and electronic ignition in. We had it running a few times, by pouring gas into the cab, sounded great, but it is a bear to keep it running. I am in the process of draining the gas from the gas tank. Sad part is, it was running like a champ before I let it sit. So this is all my fault. My uncle, guy that restored it, is turning over in his grave. My Aunt gave it to me after he passed, just before she passed and said I was the only one she trusted with it. I am ready to give up. If someone came along and gave me a reasonable offer it would be gone today.
  4. anyone know how to connect a remote starter so I don't have to bother my wife? took the starter coil off and tested it.... Looks to be working just fine Also. Keith... got the engine to turn by hand..... was a bit harder than I thought but possible
  5. thanks for the advise.... I am working on spark at this time
  6. Thank you Keith All new to me. Above my comfort level, but I am in it to the end.... Me or the car . Making me 'DIZZY'. 🙂 Heading to the garage.
  7. I am sorry.... What is a 'Dizzy Cap'? Replaced the ignition coil because the old one was cracked. Don't know if it was bad just saw the crack and replaced it. $16 was cheap enough... Battery was replaced... I believe O'Riley took me for a ride... $100 was a learning experience.... NEVER SHOP AT O'Riley again. To recap.... Car ran, was parked, and now won't start. Inline Spark Tester had no spark at plugs... Keith.... reading your instructions.... I may be over thinking it. I loosen the plugs Remove the distributor cap connect one end of my multi meter to clean bolt on the engine.... The other end is connected to the center post on the COIL??? Then turn the engine by hand....
  8. OK... todays update.... Made the mistake of taking my battery to O'riley. They said it was bad. Bought a new one $100.... Waste of money... same issue.... My guess the battery was fine.... Put a In-Line Spark Checker in and... nothing... The55er - 'Remove the distributor cap and see if you have a spark at the ignition points. ' I removed the distributor cap... All looks clean and new. Last owner might have changed them out. Do I crank the engine with the cap off? Should I see sparks? keithb7... No rodents... 'If you have a mutil-meter, the wire from the coil to the distributor makes contact to ground only when the points are closed. Ensure this is correct' Do I put the multi meter inline? am I checking for a voltage? Off the wall question..... We don't usually keep the battery in the car, its usually on a shelf on a trickle charger.... If someone was NOT paying attention to the + and - sign when they connected the battery could it have damaged the coil? Thank EVERYONE for the help.
  9. Remove the fuel line where it enters the carb. Put the end of it in a bucket. Have a helper crank the engine over. Is fuel spewing out at a good rate? Yes... good flow. My guess is maybe a battery. I've had it on a trickle charger since it was stored but maybe its not providing enough amps.
  10. Remove the distributor cap and see if you have a spark at the ignition points. If not clean the contacts with a point file and try it again. If I were you I would drain all of the old gas out of the tank and replace with it fresh fuel. It will start much easier and run a lot better. --- So maybe I shouldn't ask here.... You running leaded or unleaded?
  11. I have a 1949 Special Deluxe I inherited from my uncle. It was running when I put it in storage back in 2016. Tried to start today. She cranks but won't fire up. I sprayed engine starter in the carb, no help. Removed the fuel line and fuel come out. spark plugs are clean engine ia PT1120803-5
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