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  1. Good to know on the hubs, at least I didn't need to pull hubs to take brake pads out, had to do it with the fronts. Wheels were what I could find as the car was sitting on blocks that sunk onto the ground. Interesting that the floor section was wood, yes I'll make it safe as well as road worthy. Probably change the axle to a more current one. Unsure the condition of the flattop engine till I get to it. Carb is missing and one side has plugs removed. Was told the engine has brass rings and was worth more than the car itself. I plan on leaving pretty much a simular body style as a truck, just haven't gotten that far to looks. Yes rat rod it may be.
  2. Got the car home. Going to be a LOT of work, I'm still going to do it as long as I can get parts. Going to start cleaning and making list of what needs to be done as well as what I want to do with it. Question I have is, is there a model and serial nameplate on it? If so where would I find it? I found a tag that says body number 99A73.1859 and another tag below it that's not readable. I need to figure out how to get a title made for this. Any help greatly appreciated including disassembly. I screwed up a bearing cap to take off the brake drum since it wouldn't turn, didn't realize it was screwed on, thought it was pressed on like a trailer cap. Lesson learned... Love the steering wheel, need to take off and restore it. Like to find replacement body parts, I noticed the floor where feet go looks like it's bolt on covers. Maybe find rear window panel and windows. Unsure what I want to do with back end yet.
  3. I'm in North Dakota. I'm almost wanting to keep the car the way it is or possibly convert it to a convertible from what I have seen in some pictures. Probably not going to have a top though. But then again, I like the "truck" style. Till I get it home, I'll start going thru it and see what I want to do with it and what the "damages" are. Just a fun project to do together with son and grand children, little Kalynn almost 2 loves to help me. Figure one of the vehicles will be hers. Have a place to park it, work on it and a fab shop at work I could use. Just need the time... Need to make some sort of roller cart or a way to move it in and out of the shop at work. Right now I am working on my 54 GMC Truck on my car hauler, made a tow hitch on truck to move with forklift. Wanted to work on them this weekend but threw my back out. Fun... Picture of truck, hope ok to post?
  4. This car will be given to me and I am getting a Dodge Truck, think 49, also buried in the shrubs. Gotten a 54 GMC Truck and it's in better shape that I thought. So I'd like to challange myself to this Merc to maybe a rat rod, nothing fancy as I don't want to put that much work into it. Have a S10 if the frame is bad. Otherwise it'll sit or go to scrap. So not much loss there.
  5. Happened to have a job near the car so I went down there to look. 5 bolt measures 5.5 from end of stud to center of second next stud. Need to figure the rim sizes to find used tires that hold air. My 54 GMC Truck as flat and has split rims, surprisingly it aired up and held air for over a year. Took pictures of the under car, forgot the wheel studs. Saw another engine that may be a spare for this car and 1 head, need to find the other head. Will take the block and head in case there is something I can use off it. Will take pictures of the one under hood. Can take more pictures when I go back there to start clearing the way as well as spray the wheel nuts, found 2 rims with ugly flat wheels, at least it'll roll right. Will look for 2 more so I can at least get it on the trailer. Looked closer in the window, seems to look clean, no seats and no holes in floor. Gonna be fun getting it on the trailer, was told I might as well as get a tow truck to do it.
  6. Looking to pick this car up and need help identifying what it is. I know the back part was chopped to make a truck. I think I am going to keep it the way it is and make it road worthy. It does have the V8 engine. I cannot get the doors opened at this time till debris cleared away. Hopefully not too far gone on bottom frame, etc... Can someone tell me what the wheel bolt pattern would be on this car so I can get wheels for it to roll, right now pretty much on the ground. Any advice or suggestions would be great.
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