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  1. does anyone out there know where the oil pump is llocated on my 1926 olds 6 cyl and how it works...I have no oil to the push rods or timing chain davidschab60@gmail.com thanks
  2. I am still looking for info on where the oil pump is and how it works
  3. thats about it..I also have a 27 t yard art..and a beautiful restored 1961 austin healey bug eye sprite
  4. yes it does but I had to use what I could find at the time so I could drive it in the ten sleep wy parade..I am thinking of selling it so it doesnt hsave to sit all winter by its self during winter..
  5. we have a little cabin right on the no wood..I can fish almost from my deck.I drove the olds in the ten sleep parade the 4th of july..there is no rust through on the car only surface rust.it runs pretty good except i am not getting oil to the timing chain and lifters..not sure where the oil pump is or how it works.I dont have a manual
  6. I am not going to restore the car..going to drive it around town as is..there was no radiator or shell with the car when I got it.I am in a little town called ten sleep wyoming.I might sell it to someone that might want to do something with it.iif you know some one that might be interested let me know 928 266 6210 do you know if there is an oil pump in the pan or is if the 2 little gears in the front of the motor.......davidschab60@gmail.com
  7. is the oil pump the 2 gears in the front of the motor under a removeable plate??
  8. I will try that thanks
  9. can anyone out there tell me how the oil system works on my 26 olds ..the 2 gears on the front of the motor are turning..the oil line from there to the pan is not plugged up.
  10. I need info on oil pressure and oil pump on my 1926 olds.6 cyl motor....928 266 6219
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