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  1. I would call Larry He has and knows e v e r y t h i n g about 1st gens http://www.rivparts.com/
  2. Most Exalted Ones, keeper of the knowledge, please offer your sage advice. My 65 had a horrid short. It would vacillate between no draw and 16 amps. The problem was finally discovered to be the Master Window Light Switch. Obviously with that short of draw, the switch and the connector were fried. Being a base model, my switch is a 4-in-a-row rather than the Deluxe 2-rows-of-2. The 4-in-a-row switch was used in a lot of cars, but apparently not so much in the Riviera. My query is, oh Great Ones....is as follows. Do you think that this is the proper connector for this switch, despite the fact that the compatibility chart says that it isn't.
  3. interesting theoretical thinking I have not installed the electronic ignition yet, but I did convert to a modern, internal regulator alternator. It will charge up to 16 amps now instead of the stock 12. Thank everyone, again, for the input. Truly appreciated.
  4. awesome advice!!! a buddy has his life being used right now but that will be perfect THANK YOU
  5. Several folks share your opinion. As a cruiser, it seems like an unnecessary complication. But one only learns from hearing contrary opinions. So please...tell me why it is so great. Thank you Bill
  6. since I can't count on anything that the seller told me, I have to go by what I see. What I see is a fresh cork pan gasket and a leaky front seal I have been going through the service manual and haven't gotten a feel for what is going on. My current inclination is to pull the transmission, have a shop go through it and swap the switch pitch for a standard torque converter.
  7. " I suspect a tuning problem. Ignition carb and/or vacuum. When did this problem start?" Sadly, I have no idea. I purchased the car sight unseen from someone with a good reputation. Trusted my gut. It was supposed to be a running-driving car. It is anything but. Suspension and steering were screwed. NONE of the turn indicators, brake lights, dash lights worked. Had brake issues. The choke and secondaries are not working. If I take off in drive it chatters. If I take off in L or L2 it doesn't. Plus the torque converter isn't "disengaging". I got the suspension and steering fixed. Brakes working. Most of the lights and dash working. I was told that the transmission had been removed to fix the front seal. The bolts have the same patina as the engine, no tool marks, plus the front seal leaks. Guys, I truly appreciate all of your attempts to assist.
  8. dropped the idle speed Now it dies Still not below the stall
  9. Hey there, 65 Riviera, 401 base model. in drive or reverse it is pushing EXCEPTIONALLY hard. It would probably idle at 10 MPH (idling at about 700). My theory is the the torque converter is stuck in the under-acceleration-mode and the switch is not effecting it...thus a bad converter. Educate me, oh wise ones.
  10. Despite the fact that she was supposed to be a running, driving car and she is far from it, she looks nice
  11. greetings, Trying to diagnose a problem with my 65 base Riv The trans will chatter like crazy if I start in drive, especially if it is under a load (going up an incline or accelerating) If I shift it manually, it does is quite smooth. Any ideas? Thank you
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