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  1. Since not much interest as a complete car I hate too but will begin to part out this 42 buick let me know what you need. I have two straight 8 engines and two complete drivetrains.
  2. Located in East Tennessee. I have a 1942 buick special sedanette for sale. Has an extra 40 frame and straight 8 engine that turns over. The original engine is tore down but is all there. Has a crown vic subframe but I have a donor front clip to put back original. Lots of spare parts.. Call or text 423 480 0024.
  3. I'm fairly certain after taking some measurements my frame may be a later 1940 and appears to be the same dimensions as my 42.
  4. Hello, I'm needing the splash guard for a 1942 series 40. Do any other makes from the same year fit? Thank you.
  5. Looking at a 42-48 chevy rear fender. I'm wondering if it's the same as my series 40 buick?
  6. The frame clip above is a 42. The question was will the entire 40 frame work. The clip above should.be a direct swap. Thanks for you help!
  7. So this is what I've currently got to work with as far as going back to original using the original frame.
  8. Thanks guys this is the full length as shown in the last photo. I'm assuming some body mounts may be different but if it's the same wheelbase it should work?
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