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  1. Many, many thanks to you all for the fascinating comments. It may interest you to know that the car in the photo was probably owned by Colonel Nathan Patchen Pond of Rochester NY. Col. Pond was a Civil War vet, and among other accomplishments, he was commander of the First and Second Colored Infantries. My grandfather Eddie Stauder was a motorhead from his youth - a crack bicycle racer at the turn of the century - and we know that he drove for Col. Pond for at least a year and maybe more between 1908 and 1910. Eddie subsequently got a "real job," but his passion for vehicles never waned - he became a well-known motorcycle racer into the 1920s, and was known locally as the "Speed King." In one event, he was promoted as a "human catapault." The Indian "Motocycle" (without the R) was his bike of choice. Again, I deeply appreciate your many comments.
  2. Does anyone in the club have enough knowledge about classics to identify a car from 1906 - 1910 from a period photo? My grandfather was a chauffeur for a bigwig in his early years, and I would love to know the make of the car he's driving in the one photo we have from that era. Here he is at the wheel. I see that the steering wheel is on the right. Does that suggest a non-American car? Or could the photo be reversed? Many thanks, all. Steve
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