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  1. Yes it is. I believe it was called hendersons before they did the name change. I just spoke with them today. They told me it would be about 250 to restore it.
  2. Are you in utah? What I'm doing with my 37 is buying a spare off ebay and having snap rebuilders refurbish it for me so I have a good spare. If you are in utah that might be an option to get it in time.
  3. Are you looking to stay all original? If so then bias ply are the way to go. If you don't mind straying from all original radial will be safer and better at high speeds. I'm no expert but from what i have been told radials will technically fit on some of these older wheels but can fail since they were not made for radials. So if you go radials it would be best to also get new wheels that have the lip on them for radials. There are radials sold like diamondbacks that have the bias ply look if you want the benefits of radial but still want to look original. Personally I like staying original so I'm in the process of ordering some for my 37 and sticking with bias ply since I don't drive it a lot and I stay off the freeways. I'm a newbie to the pre war Era so hopefully someone will chime in if I'm wrong.
  4. I was wondering. I noticed some white on the metal spokes and thought to myself that it looked like it was painted. Could it have been painted or is it different than the original?
  5. Thank you for this! Hopefully my manual arrives this week. Getting some Firestone whitewalls ordered this week.
  6. Looks like I have the 700x16 for tires
  7. Thanks for the info! Still learning but I was thinking it was called a slantback. Not sure on the tires. I'll have to check when I'm home. They are cracked and needing to be replaced so i really appreciate the info so I can get them back to stock size. I have been lurking on that group website a lot. Lots of great info. Just need to pull the trigger and become a member. Your car looks great! That would be cool to get a picture of them together!
  8. I'm having the same dilemma right now. Need new tires and tubes on it but can't decide between whitewalls and Blackwalls. Do standard tire stores still do tubes or where is everyone getting theirs done?
  9. I'm newer to pre war Era and I'm surprised how low these go for. But I have noticed car prices going up and things similar in my area are going for closer to 20k at the moment.
  10. Thank you! Learning a lot and loving it so far!
  11. My first pre war Era vehicle. 1937 buick special. I was told all original but mostly original I have come to find out. A few after market things added is all.
  12. So I'm too new to send a private message. I will check out that site. Thanks for sharing!
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