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  1. That looks like it! Taken from about the same angle: Some of the fire equipment looks slightly different, but this is extremely helpful for its history. The District Office is now looking into who actually owns it. Thank you lalautze, macboy and all!
  2. All great information! Thank you, 1912Staver for the suggestion of a fire equipment retrofit! The Foundation Office is trying to track down when and how we got it. I may have to present to the Board of Trustees with a recommendation, so joining the SPAAMFAA would be valuable at that point.
  3. It did go through a restoration process, based on the engine (definitely not original) and paint/chrome, just no idea of how much restoration. Maybe they redid the grill work?
  4. I'm the Director of the ag department at a small community college; this has been stored in our Ag Shop. We needed to move out of that shop before the new shop to be built, so it is currently setting outside. I am reaching people around here for the history, and have searched for GMC/Van Pelt fire truck online but haven't found anything yet. Did find another clue. This plate is on the Fire Body and a person thinks the 51 in the serial number may be the year. I'll be searching for a 1951 GMC Van Pelt and see if I get anything.
  5. I was guessing early to mid 50's, so thanks for the confirmation that I am in the right range and appreciate the response! Was hoping that somebody would have website or resource with definitive model information.
  6. I "inherited" an antique fire engine and would like some help identifying the year and possible history. Attached is a photo of the vehicle and the ID Plate. Is somebody on this discussion board a fire engine expert? I know it is a GMC chassis with Van Pelt fire equipment
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