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  1. Matt I agree I think there is a restriction between the water neck of your pump and the freeze out plug in your block. This is what worked for me, bolt your circulator flange to the water neck where the pump would bolt to, with a couple of bushings get to a 1 inch or 3/4 inch ball valve close it, put a garden hose in one of your radiator hoses off of your heads preferably the passenger side, plug the other one start to fill your block with water until the flow stops at normal house pressure, when it stops open the ball valve at the neck, stand back and catch the water so you can see what was in there. This worked for me. Just a thought.
  2. Matt, Put your pump back together and bench test it as I did it should push water with a cordless drill just make sure the discharge is at least as high as the radiator would be.
  3. I agree but nevertheless the clearance from the vane side of my impeller to the inside pump housing is .020 and overall play is .013. I do think there are other issues also.
  4. You have the same washer in the pump housing was that replaced also?
  5. Matt, with your pump assembled and the coupling disconnected, does the shaft have front to back play? If so how much? And if pull on the shaft and turn it can you hear the impeller touching the inside housing at all. GMT
  6. Thanks Matt, I'll look into those packings on the shaft , coupling side but still can't figure out what is going on at the other end of the pump housing, why coolant would be coming out there past the grease. I'm thinking of taking that front casting piece off, which I had done a few years ago to check that the impeller wasn't loose or rotted away, and can't remember if the shaft continues through the impeller and what type of seal is on the short end of the shaft to keep coolant from getting to the grease. Thank You Again!
  7. Hello All, I am new to this forum as of Tuesday and thankful of all the information I have gained so far. I was nearing my wits end when I came across Matt's thread. As it turns out, we have the same car with the same problem I think. Before I drained the coolant for the third time I noticed a leak coming from the zerk fitting under the brass cap (pictured) in the front of the water pump. Does anyone know why coolant would be coming out of that grease fitting? I am considering going down the engine rust build up rabbit hole, but want to fill it one more time and run it and really shoot some block and radiator temps. to try to get a better idea what is going on, but I would like to address this leak while its empty. Thanks for any help it will be greatly apricated.
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