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  1. Thank you Endinmass, great information. We will be working on the car at the end of the week. Will send pictures.
  2. Thanks for your replies to my Pierce Arrow problem, especially to Endinmass. I gave a fully explanation in the technical post which may help. From my understanding so far from you (Endinmass) it appears the problem is in the gearbox. Is this your opinion?
  3. We are in the UK and have owned a 1933 Pierce Arrow Brougham for around 10 years. For the passed 7-8 years it has always been driven in freewheel without problem. Recently we changed out of freewheel and found the gears clashed and would not engage. Changing back to freewheel then made no difference. We then selected reverse gear before starting the engine and reversed a few feet. After stopping and restarting the engine gears could be engaged but the problem returned the next time the engine was started. Has anybody any idea what may be causing this?
  4. We are in the uk and have a 1933 pierce arrow brougham. we have run the car in freewheel without problem but when we changed over the gears clashed and wouldn’t engage changing back to freewheel made no difference. had anybody any ideas
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