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  1. Hello Bernie, Perhaps use the original color scheme of the LeaF. Is the seat upholstery sound enough to use as is? Chris.
  2. Hello Bernie, I agree with you, it is great that you are incorporating the LeaF body panels into the new construction. A more authentic creation. Will you be using the original bonnet? Chris
  3. Hello Bernie, I hate when that happens. The bear would have gotten you, again. At least you found them before you bought another set. The body is looking good. Chris
  4. Bernie, Your new life goal should be to outlive “those” people. Go out kicking and screaming with a welding torch in your hand. Do what you like doing. You have earned it. Chris
  5. Hello Bernie, Having access to another engine block is good news. The Stay at Home order not so much. Hopefully the order will be lifted soon. Chris
  6. Hello Bernie, The garage certainly has an “organic” look to it. Efficient use of available space. Hopefully your son will drop everything to assist you. Your progress is admirable. Chris
  7. Hello Bernie, The LeaF is looking good. The body appears to have been influenced by your Lagonda. A nice traditional sports tourer look. Thanks for sharing your progress. Chris
  8. You are bringing new life to this LeaF!
  9. Hello Bernie, At least the lockdown does not keep you from making headway on the engine and chassis. Thanks for the update, Chris
  10. Hello Bernie, Upright radiator and cycle mudguards; seems to be a winning formula. I suppose the rear design will be determined by the availability of a suitable fuel tank. Is the LeaF fuel tank useable, if it were relocated? It is nice you can envision colors, already. No drawings required. Do you have any of the square tubing for the tub, from your other projects? Keep the photos coming. Chris
  11. Hello Bernie, You have certainly made progress getting the car stripped. It takes an experienced 84 year old to get the job done. And a tidy heap for the garbage. Those mudguards look to be in poor condition, good thing you don’t have to fix those! Looking forward to your next post, Chris
  12. Hello Bernie, It would be great if I were able to just pop on over when you needed a hand. I am currently doing just that for a longtime friend. He is just 45 miles away. We call it Motor-Monday. He has had a kitcar in his basement for 20+ years. Our commitment to Mondays ensures progress. Chris
  13. Hello Bernie, Is that a photo of you and your car on the cover of your book? Chris
  14. Hello Bernie, The car had a lot of rust under that lovely aluminum body. Do you have to cut up all the pieces to fit in you trash bin? I am curious to see the engine as you tear into it on the bench. I check for your post every day. Chris
  15. Hello Bernie, The salt air got the best of your LeaF, not much left for the scrap man. Your progress is more than admirable. The chassis does appear to be solid, but a lot of wire brushing in your future. Thank you for sharing your progress; your fan club is watching. Best regards, Chris
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