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  1. Oh my gosh, you have ALL been very helpful! I had not even seen or heard of a Velie in my search. Thank you!
  2. Thank you, Wayne Sheldon. That was very helpful. I will do some more searching of the Chandler models; I may have missed something. I really appreciate your experienced eye on this matter.
  3. Thank you, OldCarFudd. I did not find it among the Chandlers and Clevelands, but your lead revealed another tangent. It took me to a photo of a McLaughlin-Buick, the window of which is almost the same, but just a little more long and flat. The McLaughlin-Buick also looks much like the car in my photo, which gives me hope. Unfortunately, I am striking out on finding very many historical photos of 1915-1919 McLaughlin-Buick touring cars to view different models which might have the same window.
  4. This photo was taken in Colorado and the car was likely purchased in Denver or Greeley.
  5. Is the car in this photo a Studebaker? I have scoured the Internet trying to identify the year, make, and model of this car and the closest I've come is that it might be a Studebaker, possibly 1915-1918. However, the SHAPE OF THE WINDOW in the rear curtain is like nothing I've found on any cars I've seen anywhere on the Internet. The markers I'm using which makes me think it might be a Studebaker are: 1) the suspension springs extending out the back on either side of the spare tire, 2) the 'V' shape of the bracing for the convertible top, 3) the manner in which the rear fender drops sharply, straight down onto the side step, 4) the shape/design of the convertible top, 5) the framing of the front windshield, 6) the rounded shape of the headlights, 7) the spokes and shape of the hubs on the tires. The shape of the window in the rear curtain is the only marker that doesn't match anything I've found.
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