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  1. Hello People, Im hunting for a hub puller to suite a 1929 Chrysler series 75, size I believe is 2 1/2" and 16 TPI If anyone has a spare unit they are willing to sell, that would be real handy.. I live In Australia, and am quite happy to pay whatever for the shipping thank you George PS, I did try contacting George/Custom Antique Hub Pullers, unfortunately he is not doing these just at the moment, hopefully he will be back on deck soon, best wishes to you and yours George PPS, A good, serviceable rim spreader would be a help to, probably something Im going to need to find down here though
  2. Thank you guys, i really do appreciate your help, knowledge, experience, and opinions. you can google for days, and seem only to get more confused, you lot are a great help. I will be looking at the car later this week/weekend, and hopefully i will be able to work something out cheers
  3. Perfect, thank you mate, and yes, it is a thing of beauty...
  4. Hi folks, im hoping someone here can help to decode a 29 chrysler roadster im looking to buy once again, the numbers, and bits dont quite add up for me, 4 speed transmission, down draft carby, and bumpers dont seem to be the norm, the car is listed as a 29 roadster series 75, and is In Australia, originally sold by Lanes in Melbourne, im not 100% sure, but i think lanes were body suppliers here in Australia, as were TJ Richards chassis number is R287-4y engine number is R287689 here are a couple of pics
  5. Hello all, i live in Australia, and am looking for a few things for a 1929 Chrysler 75 Roadster, at this stage im really just chasing the correct front bumper, is there anyone here that may be able to help ? cheers
  6. Hey Bob, i can ask for you mate, i will be visiting with the man in charge of this collection next week, do you have a picture of one you can message through to me
  7. Beautiful cars these, they really are, looking at the “8” on the headlight bar in your last pic, im thinking the pics of the headlights could be Studebaker, they also have a similar “8” on the bezel, and what must be aftermarket glass, ive never seen that type of glass, and i reckon ive seen a lot of old cars these are a couple of pics off the internet
  8. You are a wealth of information nzcarnerd!!
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